How to Actually Paint Your Nails With Your ‘Other’ Hand

Michelle Grossman
Painting Nails

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While there’s nothing we love more than giving ourselves a fresh manicure, things can go from fun to frustration just as quickly as we switch hands. You know how it goes – one hand comes out fabulous, while the other ends up far from it. If you’re finding yourself stuck in the midst of this polishing problem, we’re here to clear things up for you. Just read on below as we break down some key tips to kill the nail game, using your ‘other’ hand.

Place your hand into position. For the easiest way to paint your nails using your non-dominant hand, you’ll need to find the right structure. Try holding the brush between your thumb and against the side of your index finger, and even lean your middle finger against it too for some extra support. Focus on only using the thumb and index finger to do the painting, while keeping the rest of your hand steady.

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Remember, less is more. Try taking less polish on the brush than you normally would, as mistakes are bound to happen, and flooding the nail is a common one. If you apply less polish off the bat, you can always apply more, however removing excess polish can get messy.

Work in small sections. Instead of sweeping one coat over your nail in a single stroke, try applying the polish in baby steps. Start by painting one strip down the middle and continue afterwards by adding one on either side of it. This will help to give you a more precise application.

Use a toothpick to tidy up. If you’ve found yourself in a nail polish overload, we have a quick fix to diffuse the situation. Just grab a toothpick and run it along the cuticle and nail grove to take away any unwanted polish and clean your paint job up.

Practice makes perfect. While all of these tips will help you paint your nails using your ‘other’ hand, the most important thing to remember is practice makes perfect. So, if you don’t get it right the first time, just try and try again, and pretty soon you’ll be a polishing pro, no matter what hand you’re using.