How To Organize Your Beauty and Hair Products

Danielle Emig
How To Organize Your Beauty and Hair Products
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For all the makeup and hair lovers out there, the bathroom can be a nightmare. Counters covered in powder and eyeshadow palettes, drawers full of lost lipsticks and eyeliners, and tangled curling irons with brushes. You may be constantly losing bobby pins and rubberbands. Containers touted as makeup storage can be expensive so skip those and take these creative tips to organize your bathroom so you can easily access your favorite brushes and nail polish.

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Attach an acrylic rack to your bathroom wall to display your nail polish. If you're obsessed with nail art like us then you have too many colors to fit in one rack. In this case, choose this season's trends or the colors you always rotate with to showcase and put the rest away in a closet or drawer. (Acrylic rack, $17.99,

End your cluttered mess of lipstick by using a pretty tray to lay them on. A flat one with little edges makes it easy to differentiate between colors. (Vintage Gold Serving Tray,

Leaving brushes in makeup bags and drawers can lead to bacteria problems and mixing of powders so give them extra love by placing them in a short vase filled with sand or gems. (Rektangel Vase, $1.99,

If you have a lot of hair accessories and tools it's easy for your drawers to get into a tangled mess. Use an over-the-door shoe organizer for all those straighteners, headbands, and hairbrushes. (Over The Door Clear Shoe Organizer, $12,

Drawer dividers are great for separating all your powders, eyeshadows, and pencils but still having them in one place. (Deep Drawer Organizers, $3.49-$5.99,

If you have room use a small metal pail for all your lipgloss and lip colors. It can also add some extra decor to your bathroom or bedroom. Spray paint it for some extra color! (Galvanized Metal Pail, set of 3, $15,

If you have a lot of makeup or large eyeshadow palettes, an old cd case rack is a great way to keep them perfectly stacked and readily accessible. (CD Storage Rack,

Use saucers for bobby pins and rubber bands and keep them on your counter or in your bathroom drawers. (Kensington Blue Saucer,

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