How to Make the Most of a Bad Haircut

Aly Walansky
bad haircut

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Even our favorite stylists have their off days, and a haircut that sounded awesome in theory can leave us running from the salon in tears. Hair does grow, and today’s bad cut can be an unfortunate memory in a relatively short time. Until that time passes though, there’s a lot of ways to hide the “evidence” of the bad style!

Try the wet look:
The messy or wet look can give your sad style a fun edge. Play with gelled back hair or sleek polished styles like high or low buns, says Keshia Farrell of Shic by Soketah Salon in Brooklyn.

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Add some volume:
Add more volume to the longer side to even out the perimeter, suggests Starr Arias, an instructor at Ogle Schools. Create volume by applying volumizing mousse or spray close to the scalp and use a round brush to blow dry. If needed, you can also back comb close to the base in 1” sections and spray with a light hold or workable hairspray at each section. Be sure not to brush out the backcombing completely.

Wavy or curly hair is the easiest to camouflage if you’ve received a bad haircut. When hair is at it’s curliest stage it becomes shorter, so if you are trying to even out the length, create tighter curls on the longer pieces to shorten them, says Arias.

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Pin it:
A cache of bobby pins and decorative pins should always be kept within easy reach, said celebrity hairstylist Mitch Stone; simple tools like that can go a long way towards masking the effects of a bad haircut. “Put the hair up by twisting it in any way possible,” he suggested. “This makes your hair look soft and cute while hiding a chopped or badly-cut do.”

Some well blended extensions can transform your whole look and buy you time to re-grow your tresses to the desired length, says Farrell.

Same as hair extensions, clip in bangs are cut and shaped to fit in your fringe. “Bangs can be an incredible way to vamp up your look, add some thickness to your hairline, and can often times be the change one needs. Celebs wear clip-on bangs all the time; even to add fullness to their existing bangs if they have fine hair,” says celebrity hairstylist Sherri Belanger of

When choosing your bangs, the most important thing is to be certain the color matches your own hair perfectly, says Belanger. The last thing you want is the color to be off and your clip-on bangs to look obvious.