How to Make Hair Look Gorgeous (Not Greasy) Between Shampoos

Wendy Rodewald
How to Make Hair Look Gorgeous (Not Greasy) Between Shampoos
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Your hairstylist (and, beyond that, just about every beauty expert around) wants you to stop shampooing every day, but who is she kidding? It’s not like you roll out of bed with perfect, beachy waves on day three post-wash—or maybe you have a habit of sleeping through your alarm, leaving you approximately 12 minutes to get ready and get out the door. Luckily, there are solutions to transform every hair type from lank and unwashed to glamorous and gorgeous, without starting from scratch. Consider this your comprehensive guide to no-wash hair.

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You can score Victoria's Secret-style waves with second day hair, easy. Here's how!

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Soak Up Oil and Pump Up Volume
“If hair is oily, or you just need to add a boost of volume to the roots, use a lifting and texturizing spray gel,” such as Fekkai Coiff Bouffant Lifting & Texturizing Spray Gel, says Stefanie Francois, Fekkai stylist at The Mark Hotel in New York. “Turn your head upside down and hit it with the blowdryer, then finish with a light-hold hairspray before flipping your head back up.” A dry shampoo like Klorane Gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk can also help cut the grease and plump up strands. After all, it's called "dry shampoo" for a reason.

Revive Your Curls
Curly hair can go limp after you sleep on it all night. Wake up your ringlets by spritzing on a reactivating spray, which revives the product already in your hair. Sprays like DevaCurl Mist-er Right ($18.95, and Redken Curvaceous Wind Up Reactivating Spray ($18, Redken salons) control frizz and help curls spring back into shape.

Fight Frizz
The best time to de-fuzz your hair is when it's still wet, but if washing isn’t an option, Francois recommends smoothing on a creamy finishing product to keep wayward strands in place. Sachajuan Finishing Cream smooths away frizz and adds shine with its almost-shimmery finish. For finer hair, use a lightweight serum to avoid weighing hair down—the stylist recommends Fekkai Silky Straight Ironless Smooth Finish Serum.

Replenish Moisture
Coarse or dry hair can look especially dull after a day or two without conditioner. Restore shine by working a hair oil, such as Bumble & Bumble Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil, into lengths and ends, avoiding the roots. If you plan to curl or flat iron your hair, spray sections with a heat protectant like Motions Oil Sheen & Conditioning Spray before using hot tools.

Look On The Bright Side
Frankly, clean hair isn’t always more desirable than a second-day finish. “A blowout is usually better after it settles, whether it is later in the day or the next couple of the days. Hair tends to have more flyaways when freshly washed,” Francois explains. Second (or third, or fourth…) day hair also has more grip, which makes creating looks like these celebrity updos way easier. Bottom line: Dirty hair is not the end of the world, and you can even make it work to your advantage.

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