5 Products That Really Do Make Your Hair Dry Faster

Kristen Bateman
5 Products That Really Do Make Your Hair Dry Faster
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One thing I’m always trying to spend less time on is the process of drying my hair. It’s not really possible to let my hair, very fine and parched in texture (likely due to my addiction to changing the color), air-dry in a way that looks cool. Instead, it gets more matted, tangled, and flat than when it was wet. Not a good look.

Unfortunately for me, that means heat styling is a necessity every time I wash my hair. Suffice it to say, I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons regarding what works and what doesn’t in terms of products that speed the process along, since I’d rather spend the extra 15 minutes perfecting my cat eye than wrangling a hair dryer and round brush.

Here, five things I swear by in my quest to spend less time drying my hair.

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My life has drastically changed since discovering this gem. I've seen tons of products make the claim to speed up drying time, but this one actually does it while also making my recently bleached-to-submission hair visibly less damaged. My hair also felt stronger when I brushed it, and I saw less of my tresses stuck in my comb. I timed my normal blow-out, and after using this product a few times, the process literally took me five to seven minutes less. Nothing drastic, but the less heat for my damaged hair, the better.

Redken Pillow Proof Blow Dry Express Treatment Primer, $24; at Ulta

I've had this hair dryer for more than two years, and though I sometimes take it for granted, every time I have to use a different one (mostly because of traveling), I immediately realize not only how much longer it takes me to dry my hair but also how much more fried it looks! Lately, it takes me about 15 minutes to dry. In hotels, the average dryer literally takes twice as long. It's equipped with tourmaline ceramic, which helps with drying time. Bonus points: You don't have to hold down the annoying cool shot button for it to work; you just have to press it once.

Moroccanoil Tourmalite Ceramic Hair Dryer, $220, at Nordstrom

My hair type is extremely fine, which means it gets incredibly tangled no matter what. Think: actual knots and strands stuck together in a major way. And the more tangled my hair is, the longer it takes to blow dry. I've been using this brush, specifically meant to be used on wet hair to combat those tangles. Unlike a traditional comb, it doesn't pull out my hair. I consider it a primer and pretty essential to prep my hair to dry much, much faster.

Wet Brush Speed Dry Brush, $12.99; at The Wet Brush

This product claims to reduce drying time by 50 percent. I like to use it directly after wringing the water out of my hair—but not every day. It can make my hair feel slightly greasy if used too often since it's so conditioning. I like to use it right after lightening my hair—and it seems to help take off at least a good five-minute chunk of drying time.

KMS California Free Shape Quick Blow Dry, $21.99; at Ulta

I've been using this brush when drying my hair for as long as I can remember—for good reason. I find that when I don't use a round brush (specifically, this one is really great), my hair takes way longer to dry. I lift the top sections of my hair up with this tool, while gliding the nozzle of the dryer directly over it. I think the separation allows my easily tangled hair to dry faster while adding volume and reducing frizz.

Paul Mitchell Express Ion Round Brush, $26.50; at HQhair

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