5 Products That Really Do Make Your Hair Dry Faster

Kristen Bateman

One thing I’m always trying to spend less time on is the process of drying my hair. It’s not really possible to let my hair, very fine and parched in texture (likely due to my addiction to changing the color), air-dry in a way that looks cool. Instead, it gets more matted, tangled, and flat than when it was wet. Not a good look.

Unfortunately for me, that means heat styling is a necessity every time I wash my hair. Suffice it to say, I’ve learned some pretty valuable lessons regarding what works and what doesn’t in terms of products that speed the process along, since I’d rather spend the extra 15 minutes perfecting my cat eye than wrangling a hair dryer and round brush.

Here, five things I swear by in my quest to spend less time drying my hair.

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