How To Make Close-Set Eyes Appear Wider

Lauren Le Vine

Photo: Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster

Learn how to make your close set eyes appear a bit wider with Pamela Taylor’s tips from our friends at StyleCaster.

Since we’ve been staring at ourselves in the mirror since well, our mothers laid us on the floor underneath mirrored contraptions with dangling toys we know how to analyze our faces by now. We then grew a bit older and started applying makeup and began to struggle with learning how to hide our big noses, high foreheads or close-set eyes.

We of course had to call in some help on the matter – so Pamela Taylor of Pamela Taylor Makeup Academy & Studio showed us how to use our favorite tool (makeup!) to make close-set eyes appear a bit wider. Follow the beauty tips below and let us know how you like the look!


Photo: Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster

Step 1: Apply a light colored cream based shimmery shadow to the eye lid to open the eye.


Photo: Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster

Step 2: With a granite gray eye shadow (either pencil or flat liner brush) I’m going to line the eye from halfway across the eye working my way outward. Visually, it’s going to create width to the eye area. Never use liner in the inner first 3rd of the eye because it accentuates the closeness of the eye. If you’re feeling bold, try extending the line softly past the end of the eye.

Contributed by: Rachel Adler

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