The Secret to Making Your Braid Look Thicker

Augusta Falletta
thicker braid


Since we are lucky enough to work with a bevy of experts who drop excellent tips on us without blinking an eye we figured it was due time to share them with the rest of you. With Ask an Expert, we’ll be reaching out to some of our favorite pros in the industry with the beauty questions that you send in via social media (with the hashtag #BeautyHelp). So please, send in your critical beauty questions and we’ll get them answered for you!

Every time we type in “messy braid” on Pinterest, a slew of pictures of girls sporting thick, just perfectly tousled braids comes up. Sadly, each time we braid our hair, it comes out looking not quite like the pictures (such is life) and we find ourselves a little frustrated. Besides using a texturizing spray or applying some volumizing mousse to the lengths of hair, sometimes, we really just want a thicker braid. What’s a girl to do? Celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas explains.

Q: How can I make my braid look thicker? I want to try extensions, but I’m afraid they’ll look fake. So, the next step is using a ponytail extension, but how exactly do you do that while making it look like your own hair?

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A: “Bulking up your braid does not have to be complicated. The easiest way is to buy a braided ponytail extension. When purchasing a 3-section braided ponytail extension, it comes secured tightly at the base with an elastic that has a loop at the bottom. When incorporating this extension into your braid, undo the pre-braided ponytail. You should have three separate sections. Depending on what type of braid you’re going to do, that determines how many sections you’ll keep in the extension piece,” Michael explains.

“For the sake of simplicity, let’s say you are doing a standard 3-section braid. Split your hair into three sections, take the middle section and loop it through the bottom of the looped elastic on your extension piece, then incorporate your three sections of hair into the extension and start braiding as normal. Keep a small amount of hair out to wrap around the base of your hair and your extensions. No one will ever know its not all your own hair!” —  Michael Dueñas, Celebrity Hairstylist and CEO of Hair Room Service, an in-room salon appointment service that delivers top celebrity stylists and services to your door.