This is How to Make Your Salon Blowout or Updo Really Last

Caitlin S. Miller
save blowouts This is How to Make Your Salon Blowout or Updo Really Last

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No matter how much joy we get from a freshly styled blowout, it’s immediately masked by the sinking realization a few days later that it won’t last. Whether a big gust of wind battles your curls or a rough night of sleeping has its way with your updo, all good things must come to and end. In an attempt to make our beloved blowouts and updos last for as long as humanly possible, we asked the experts at Blo Blow Dry Bar to share with us just how to make every type of salon ‘do last.

A basic blow out
“At Blo, we use styling products that have soft but good hold to create long lasting styles. Blow ‘n Set by Unite ($18, is my favorite. When you get a blowout, ask your stylist to give you extra body and volume to help your style last for days. At bedtime, put your hair in a loose top knot to preserve body and movement. If your hair is thick or coarse, opt for a lower bun. Secure your top knot or bun with a wide-tooth octopus claw clip such as No-slip Grip Octopus Clip by Scunci ($4, Use a silk pillow case or cover your pillow with a scarf to minimize sweat on the scalp and to prevent hair from going frizzy while you sleep.” Jessica Cobo, Corporate Style Director at Blo Blow Dry Bar in NYC

Glamour curls
“Start off with curls just a tad tighter to allow longevity to the style. To refresh this look, take each curl and twist it away from the face. (Tip: On the right side of the head, you will rotate your finger from left to right, and on the left side of the head you will rotate your finger from right to left.) Spray with a light hold hair spray while scrunching the curls up towards the root. If necessary, if any strands have lost curl, add back curl with a 1-1/4″ curling iron. For a softer look, use a wide tooth comb and gently brush through the curls. Don’t panic if the hair looks a bit wild at first! Spray a build-able light-medium hold hairspray all over and gently brush through the curls again. The hairspray will help tame the wild locks. Continue to spray with a build-able hair spray and GENTLY brush through the curls until you begin to see bouncy uniform curls. You can throw it all over one shoulder and fasten with a barrette to switch up the style, or lay it on top of your shoulders for soft, elegant, voluminous curls.” Savannah Fincher, Corporate Style Director at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Austin, TX

Sleek, straight strands
“To maintain a sleek and straight blowout overnight, try not to use any hair accessories that will create a dent or crease in the smooth locks. If you are a sound sleeper, pull your hair to the opposite side you sleep on and let it rest behind you. If you move around throughout the night and need more control, pull the hair into a low pony tail using a large soft hair tie that won’t’ leave an indentation. If you need to touch up a few pieces in the morning, spray a heat protectant or shine spray and smooth the locks with a flat iron.” Joya Sharp, Corporate Style Director at Blo Blow Dry Bar in San Diego, CA

Beach waves
“Beachy waves are the most common blowout trend right now! To preserve those waves, sleep with your hair in big braids to keep the style intact through the night. For a tighter wave, you can do several braids. In the morning, heat up the hair with quick taps of a flat iron, let them cool and remove braids. Finish off with some texturizing or sea salt spray to give that textured look.” Jessica Cobo, Corporate Style Director at Blo Blow Dry Bar in NYC

“A braid is definitely an easier style to keep intact overnight. If it is a tight braid such as a three strand, fishtail, or French braid, you will have a better chance of keeping it in place. (As opposed to a waterfall braid, which is much looser). Before going to sleep, make sure the hairspray is completely dry and use a light to medium hold hairspray to hold the style.  Try not to lay directly on the braid. Using a satin pillow case will reduce friction with your hair and prolong any braid or blowout much longer than a cotton pillowcase.” Joya Sharp, Corporate Style Director at Blo Blow Dry Bar in San Diego, CA

Braided updo/updo
“To keep an updo in place over night, wrap the head in a silk wrap. This will prevent fly aways or frizz and help hold the general shape of the updo. In the morning, once you unwrap the silk wrap, embrace the ‘worn-in’ style. Spray with a dry texturizing spray, such as Unite Texturiza Dry Finishing Spray ($23, to reinforce a light hold to the style, and follow with a light shine spray to control any fly aways. You can apply hairspray or pomade to your hands and gently pat down any unruly baby hairs. You can also use hair pins—even decorative ones for fun—to re-pin any areas that may have fallen while sleeping. Or, leave them hanging and curl with a wand for a more disheveled look.” Savannah Fincher, Corporate Style Director at Blo Blow Dry Bar in Austin, TX

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