10 Weird Tricks to Make Your Beauty Products Last Longer

Augusta Falletta

makeup products laid out

With all of the money we spend on beauty products (to be fair, we basically spend all of our money on beauty products), nothing is harder than letting go before a product’s time. Whether it’s saying goodbye to your favorite nail polish because the formula got too thick, or bidding adieu to your disposable razor after three leg shaves because of rust, tossing products prematurely just feels like a waste of cash. While there are definitely moments you need to get rid of products (dried out,  mascara, anyone?), there are some ways to help extend the life of your products so you can get the most out of them!

1. Store your nail polish in the refrigerator to keep it cool, which helps to keep the polish from getting too thick or separating. If it’s still thick, use about two drops of paint thinner to even out the formula.

2. When your mascara is about half way done, drop 4-5 drops of saline solution in the tube to rehydrate the formula. It’s still best to get rid of mascara after 3-4 months, but if your tube dries out faster than that, this is a great way to stretch mascara’s life.

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3. Another tip to make your mascara last: While you’re applying it to your eyes, hold your thumb over the tube opening so that excess air doesn’t get inside, drying it out.

4. For a disposable razor that lasts longer, make sure you’re drying off the blades after you use them, and do not keep them in your shower. The moisture from the humidity in bathrooms can cause the blades to rust. For added life, sharpen your razors on a pair of old jeans, running the blade along the jeans away from you about 20 times.

5. Wash your makeup brushes about once a week to keep them bacteria-free and fresh. Mix warm water and mild soap in a small cup, swish the brush around for about 20 seconds, and rinse off with clean water. Lay the brush flat to dry.

6. Shampoo your hair brush to get rid of any dirt and oils that may be sitting on the bristles. Use a comb to remove hair from the brush first, then wash it with the shampoo you use for a clean brush.

7. When your favorite lipstick gets down to the last quarter inch, scrape off the extra color from the tube and put it in an old palette. Heat it up with a blow dryer until it melts to take on the shape of the palette, then pop it in the freezer for an hour. Now you’ll have the color you love, just applied with a lip brush. Also, avoid applying lipstick at all right after you’ve eaten but before you’ve cleaned your mouth. Dirt, food, and bacteria can get pressed onto the tip, making it decay faster (and then putting that bacteria onto your lips!).

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8. Always keep the caps of your eyeliner on the pencil when you’re not using them, and sharpen often for a clean, fresh application.

9. When you can, use pump or squeeze bottles of moisturizer instead of tubs. The air that hits the surface can make lotions and creams go bad faster, but in a tube or bottle, the product won’t be exposed to air.

10. Keep your perfume in a cool place, like your drawer where sunlight won’t hit it. The sun can fade the bottle and change the scent, so avoiding exposure will help to prolong the life of your fragrance.

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