How to Lose 10 Pounds By Bikini Season

We’re reminded almost daily that bikini season is just ’round the corner, and we need to get our beach bodies in shape. While this kind of narrative is kind of irksome, it’s not the worst thing in the world to think about losing weight—5 pounds, 10 pounds, whatever you need—if it means getting healthier for the summer, not just thinner.

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To that end, we enlisted celebrity trainer and wellness coach David Kirsch—he’s sculpted the bodies of folks like Heidi Klum and Kate Upton—to find out how we can healthily lose 10 pounds by the time summer starts. He shared eight tips that will really work if you put them in action! Read on.

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1. Cut out sugar.
As hard as it is, David says if you want to start a weight loss plan, you have to cut out sugar, end of story. “From the diet nutrition perspective—avoid a few different things. First and foremost is sugar in any way shape or form: sugar, honey, maple syrup, even artificial sweeteners,” David tells StyleCaster. “No sugar. Start cutting those things out, and the pounds will start falling off. [A lot of my clients] are either addicted to some diet soft drink, or they’re sugarholics.”

2. Cut out processed carbs.
“You want to cut out any processed carbs,” David advises. “The more food is away from the ground or some shrub, you don’t want it. You want whole food: grains, beans, quinoa, and veggies. I’ve had clients who would have four or five pieces of gluten-free bread. That’s still bad!”

3. Limit your alcohol intake—a lot.
Unfortunately, alcohol plays a pretty big factor in any weight loss regimen. (It’s empty calories, folks!) David recommends stringently cutting your intake of alcohol, though he acknowledges how difficult this can be for many people.

“I’m not going to say drink zero alcohol, because that’s unreasonable for a lot of folks,” David says. “But one glass of wine a couple nights a week are fine. More than that—you’re pushing it.”

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4. Bump up your cardio.
Any good exercise routine already incporporates cardio, David says, but when you’re trying to shed a few pounds, you always want to increase the amount of cardio you regularly do.

“You want to bump up your cardio,” he says. “If you normally do 30 minutes, add on 15 minutes.”

5. Make sure you get enough sleep.
This is the time of year when schedules become packed and sleep is at an all-time minimum. That’s counter-productive for weight loss, David says.

“Lack of sleep can increase cortisol which can cause weight gain and belly bloat,” he says. The recommended amount of sleep for adults, from the National Sleep Foundation, is anywhere between 7 and 9 hours a night.

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6. Limit your use of public transit and cars.
Take advantage of the nicer weather, Davis urges, and start getting out there and walking around.

“It’s sunny out, so it’s easier! Go outside and take a power walk at lunch. Do a mini boot camp in the park. Get on your bike and bike to work, scooter or skateboard or whatever. Try to avoid mass transit if you can,” David says. “Those add up. Get a FitBit. Just move your body!”

7. Hydrate.
You need at least 1-2 large bottles of water a day, David says. Supplement your water intake with healthy liquids like green tea and green juice.

8. Slow down!
Most important, David says, is really just slowing down to make a connection between your brain and your belly.

“The moment you start moving your body you connect your belly and your brain,” David says. “You’re more likely to make smart choices after that. Whther it’s exercise or nutrition, many people disconnect their brain and their belly;  they’re just going through the motions of eating or working out.

“For example, when you eat, actually chew your food. Enjoy the process of chewing. Don’t be mindless. You start digesting and breaking down the bread as soon as it’s in your mouth. Love it, appreciate it, enjoy it. Whatever you’re eating, really enjoy it. Slow down.”

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