How to Look Incredible Naked: Tips From Experts Who Look Good For a Living

Aly Walansky
Look better naked

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Whether it’s to please ourselves when we look in the mirror or to knock the socks off that special date, we all want to look amazing naked. Naturally, diet, exercise, and taking good care of your body are all part of the equation, but we’ve always suspected that there may just be some key tricks that we’re missing.

Who better to grill for insider secrets than adult stars and fitness professionals, both of which make their living by looking incredible while scantily clad? We got the lowdown (or, one might call it, the naked truth) on the best ways to get jaws dropping in a snap.

Dry Brushing
Use a dry brush in vigorous circular motions before each shower, says Erika Shannon, a New York based movement consultant, choreographer, and fitness instructor. The practice of dry brushing rids your skin of dead surface cells and opens up the pores for better expulsion of toxins, not to mention it leaves you feeling super soft and touchable. On your face, skip the dry brush and use a dry wash rag instead for gentle exfoliation.

Battle that bloated feeling with tons of H2O, says Shannon. While there may not be a hard-and-fast rule on how many ounces each day you should be drinking, chances are you could be drinking more—and you should up your intake if you exercise a lot. “Drink more than you feel like [drinking], especially when you have PMS. Filling up on water, and fruits and veggies that are rich in water, will actually decrease bloat, fight fatigue, and make your arms and legs look slim and cut,” Shannon says.

Shave Carefully
While laser hair removal and waxing are generally preferred by those who are naked on camera, sometimes they don’t have the luxury to allow for the hair growth needed in between treatments. “When I was in ‘Rock of Ages’ (where we swung around stripper poles in thongs eight shows per week), the dressing room emergency staple was a sharp men’s razor. Nothing fancy, just effective,” says Shannon.  To avoid the five o’clock underarm shadow, shave not just up or down, but in all directions—up, down, to the sides, and even diagonally. The key to staying nick-free? Use a moisturizing shave cream.

Spray Tan
“I love to spray tan, but I always make sure to exfoliate at home first,” says Jessica Drake, a Wicked Pictures contract star and sex educator. “There are places that do custom airbrushing—even contour abs on your body—or there are booths that you stand in while a machine sprays you. If you’re not ready to commit to that, there are also gradual self-tanner lotions that you can buy in drugstores.” Use latex gloves if you’re self-applying, and take care with easily neglected areas like your feet so that you don’t end up with orange heels.

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