How To Look Good Hungover

How To Look Good Hungover
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How To Look Good Hungover

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Don't let puffy eyes reveal that you're hungover. For an instant perk up, look no further than these energizing eye masks ($54, Sephora). Each pack features a freeze-dried algae mask submerged in a liquid mix of antioxidants, cucumber, vitamin C and soy to help soothe and de-puff tired eyes.

Cure Tired, Puffy Eyes

Even the sexiest stars are not immune to booze bloat. Don head-to-toe black, like Sofia Vergara, to hide any extra weight the weekend put on. Dark colors are slimming, and monochromatic ensembles draw the eye along your silhouette, making you appear longer and leaner.

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Morning breath is never pleasant and hangover morning breath is even worse.This pint-sized tooth polish is your cotton mouth solution. The no-brush, no-rinse formula freshens your mouth and whitens teeth in an instant, so no one has to smell last night's martini binge on your breath ($18, SuperSmile).

Want Pearly Whites? Stop Brushing
Your Teeth So Much.

Alcohol is dehydrating, and even after you chug a bottle of water your skin may still appear lackluster. Pop on pink lipstick for an all-over brightening effect. Flushing your lips with an electric color will bring out the natural blush in your cheeks.

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Fool everyone at the office into thinking you're wide-eyed and awake by lining lids with white eyeliner and loading on mascara. Rimming your inner eyes with light liner makes the whites of your eyes pop, while two coats of black mascara will lift your lashes and widen even the most drowsy peepers.

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The easiest way to conceal the telltale signs of a hangover is to cover them completely. As the weather heats up and the sun shines brighter, pop on a big pair of sunglasses and head out the door. If you're short on oversized glasses, sites like sell designer sunnies for a bargain.

The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape

A great primer like Benefit's That Gal ($29, brightens your complexion when worn alone, or enhances the effects of makeup applied over it. This creamy formula is a light, sheer formula that takes hungover skin from drab to fab.

Avoid These Makeup Mistakes

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