No Time To Shower After Gym? How To Mask The Evidence

Aly Walansky
how to look good after the gym

Philip Haynes/Getty Images

A morning workout can get your mood and energy in great shape for the day to come. However, if you need to get to work or school afterwards, you may find yourself rushing out feeling like a hot mess. Hide the evidence of your day’s sweaty start with these expert tips!

Curb odor before it starts: Always towel off, even if you don’t have time to spare. Next, baby powder is a great way to make post-gym sweat and odor. As a moisture-absorbent, baby powder absorbs excess sweat in shoes, under arms or on feet and leaves you smelling fresh.

Carry baby wipes in your gym bag: Before leaving the gym freshen up with a baby wipe. Wipe the crucial areas — you know where they all are. Top it off with a bit of deodorant under your arms, and spritz some body spray (make sure it’s something fresh, not too floral). Dry yourself off with a clean towel.

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Freshen up hair: For greasy hair, first and foremost, if you have access to a hair dryer to dry the sweat off the hair near your neck, do it! After that, you have two options: dry shampoo or baby powder. Both work wonders!

As for styling, there’s no need to panic. Stacy Ho, stylist at Mèche in Los Angeles, advises to go for an effortless hairline braid. Start by spraying the roots of your hair with a dry shampoo (Oribe Dry Texture is a salon favorite) and brush through the hair to disperse the product and help soak up those oils. The braid can be started anywhere on the hairline that you like. When you find your part, divide a one to 2-inch section of hair into 3-sections and start your braid. To help keep the braid nice and tight, keep fingers close to the hairline while picking up hair and feeding it along your braid. You can finish your braid by simply pinning the end behind your ears, where it is hidden and tucked away, or go that extra mile by following the braid all the way to the ends and pin it back for a full halo look.

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Refresh your face: Dimitri James, beauty expert and founder of Skinn Cosmestics, highly recommends to wash and exfoliate your face skin every morning, but especially whenever you need to get some dirt away!

Pack a change of clothes: Even if you don’t have time for a shower, there’s no excuse to wear sweaty gym clothes post-gym. Pack fresh clothing and underwear and change into them after your workout. Don’t forget foot deodorizer when you change your socks. It will keep your feet smelling fresh and kill bacteria.