How To Use White Eyeshadow to Look More Awake

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How To Look More Awake
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Ah, January, a month devoted to feeling guilty about not following through on your New Year’s resolutions for more than four days, especially if you’ve resolved to get eight hours of sleep every night—a feat that is impossible for all adults, ever. If you’re waking up groggy AF without the will to actually get out of bed and venture out into the cold, I’m right there with you. Even more fun than feeling horrifyingly tired, though, is looking it.

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Many moons ago, I was on set with makeup artist and general beauty wizard Ashleigh Ciucci when she lent me a three-second beauty trick I’ll never forget, especially in times like this. It’s both glaringly obvious and absolutely genius—and probably have all the tools you need in your makeup bag already. On days that you look particularly tired—which, for me, has been every day since 2009—forego your usually eyeshadow routine. Whether that’s a daytime smokey eye or an all-over nude, forget about it. Just let it go.

Instead, grab a white or off-white shadow, dab it in the center of your lid from lashline to crease, spanning only the width of your finger, max. Diffuse it a bit if it looks too harsh, then top it generously with a highlighter (I switch between RMS Living Luminzer and Ilia Illuminator)—et voila! Within seconds, you look way more awake and bright-eyed, and you don’t have to fumble with six different concealers to hide your dark circles in the morning. If you’re feeling particularly ugh, you can dab a touch of Vaseline or Aquaphor on your lid too—I find it grabs the light even more than highlighter and shadow alone, but some might find it to be too heavy on the lid. Sometimes I’ll even manage to curl my lashes and swipe on some mascara.

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Though I like to use the white powder from Kevyn Aucoin’s Essential Eye Palette #1 for this trick, Ciucci recommends going more champagne if you have olive skin (try Sephora Collection Eyeshadow in Double Take). She says a hint of peach looks best on dark skin (like Becca’s Champagne Pop), and for deep skin tones, opt for something more gold-toned like e.l.f.’s Baked Shadow in Toasted.

See? Obvious—and maybe even something you’ve heard before, but a solid tip nonetheless.

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