How to keep your makeup from sweating off before 9am


In weather like this it is really hard to be a serious young professional when you’re riding on the Path train and sweat rolls from your forehead down to your nose and onto your new J.Crew top. The other morning I spent forever doing my eye makeup because I purchased the new Murano quad from Chanel and I really wanted my peepers to pop!

Three seconds after stepping out of my apartment in Hoboken sweat started to bead at my hairline, which rolled down my forehead and into my eye causing temporary stinging. Just when I thought my eye shadow efforts were going to go to waste and start running down my cheeks, I reached for one of the many pouches that take up residence in my purse and pulled out my Shiseido Pureness Oil-control Blotting Papers.

Let me tell you guys something, I am brand loyal to about five things. These blotting papers are one of those five things. One day I’m into you as a mascara, the next day I’ve moved on to something bigger and better. I go through lip gloss like Amy Winehouse goes through cigarettes and I don’t think I’ve ever used an eye shadow til the end.

But as someone with oily skin, these blotting papers are far and away a saving grace. 

As a matter of fact they saved my life when I was in China last September. I was busting around the streets of Shanghai where the weather was a balmy 98 degrees with roughly 5,673% humidity. My face was legit melting off. When I finally hopped into the van that was driving us around I took out my Shiseido Pureness and attempted to blot. 

Lisa Sweating in China.jpg

It took a few of the papers, but eventually my face was dry.

The great thing about these particular blotting papers is that they are coated with a very light shimmery powder that leaves your complexion glowing, not sweating!