How to Instagram Your Beauty Products Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

Caitlin S. Miller
instagram beauty How to Instagram Your Beauty Products Like a Pro in 4 Easy Steps

Photo: Amanda S. Gluck/Instagram

Sometimes we run across beauty products that are simply too stunning to be stored in a beauty bag and not shared with the world. For those times, we turn to Instagram to show off our pretty palettes, amazing brush collection, and lipsticks that just won’t quit. But try as we might, what we’ve got in beauty knowledge, we lack in photography skills. To master the art of beauty Gramming—and trust us, it is an art—we tapped Amanda S. Gluck, decor expert, party stylist, and Instagram master of Fashionable Hostess. (Seriously, she has almost 72, 000 followers!) Read on to see her best tips for how to Instagram beauty products.

1. Come up with a story 


If you look at Gluck’s Instagram, not only is each picture a story snapshot, but they all flow together to make one cohesive glimpse into her life. “Decide what you want your story line to be and stick to it,” says Gluck. “Ask yourself if you love a picture before you post it. Is it too dark, too blurry?” she adds. “I am always very critical of my photos and take tons of time editing them before posting!” Looks like filters matter more than you know!


2. Light it up 


This should come as no surprise to anyone who’s ever used a cell phone camera, but lighting is everything. “Good lighting it always a must,” explains Gluck. “Make sure labels are in focus, which you can ensure by double tapping before shooting.” Taking the extra time to find a natural light source or a well lit room might just make all the difference when it comes to getting those likes.

3. Show the label


As any beauty lover knows, labels are key. “I notice many people don’t focus in on the label, leaving me with very little information about the product!” says Gluck. “I want to know what it is so I can find it in stores!” Remember: Ultimately you’re showing off your favorite find, so let your friends see it in all its glory.

4. Setting is everything


Although the product is the main focus in a beauty snap, another important factor in securing double taps is none other than finding a suitable background. “I like to place my products in a pretty space,” says Gluck. “Whether it’s my bedside table so you see a pop of my rug or bedding or my bathroom vanity where you get a peak of my candles and jewelry!” Another one of her helpful tips: Add in cute props like flowers to make the photo a bit more special. Looking for a cleaner finish? A clean white backdrop like a bed spread—wrinkles in all—is a photogenic choice. Lastly, the ever-popular marble slab is another fantastic option. “Beauty always pops on a white marble or stone countertop!” she adds. We concur.

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