Tricks to Hide Your Roots Before You Make It to the Salon

Aly Walansky
braid hairstyle

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Whether it’s because you’re busy or stretching a budget, many of us don’t get to the salon as often we’d like. As a result, those roots start to show — and we need to conceal them. Below are some quick tips to disguise your roots until you see your colorist. You may just discover a fun new way of wearing your hair in the process!

Dry Shampoo
This disguise is a great choice for blondes! “Make sure to spray evenly throughout the hair and then use a large paddle brush to comb through. It’s a great way to hide roots in between touch ups,” says color expert Kacey Welch of the Jonathan and George Salon in Beverly Hills, California.

If you have blonde hair it’s not always necessary to comb you dry shampoo through, but if you’re a darker shade of blonde, you might feel a little powdery up top and a comb through maybe necessary.

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Change Your Part
If you’re running short on time, changing your part is a great concealer. “Flipping your part is a great way to camouflage, as the natural color will become prominent and detract from the roots growing in where hair was colored,” says Yolanda Crowell, a master stylist at  G2O Spa + Salon located on Newbury Street in Boston.

Have fun with your part, and try taking a comb and creating a zig-zag or pulling the layers in different directions to mask your roots from showing.

Conceal With Makeup
There are many ways to help hide roots in a pinch like mascara, powder foundation, eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner – all you need to do is pick a color closest to your existing color. “More professional products are a available – my two favorites are Roux Tween Time or the Bumble and bumble Colored Dry Shampoo. Wax based products are the best because they are longer lasting and don’t come off unless they are shampooed out,” says Senior Colorist at mizu new york, Miguel Angarita. Just be careful because some of the powders and makeup might run down your face after you workout or on a rainy day.

There’s a lot of ways to go with this. One is to use eyebrow color, like Anastasia’s 6 tinted brow gel shades, which you can match to your color.”Also, for those ladies with dark hair, in a pinch, swipe your mascara wand at the roots to temporarily cover your roots,” says Susan Heydt, a celebrity makeup artist and owner of SUZE makeup studio.

Try to find to find a color product that most closely matches your own. “My Root Concealer, which covers gray hair or grow out in between salon visits, sprays easily, stays put and there are five shades to match any hair color.  It’s made out of natural pigments and has a little bit of resin in it to adhere to the hair.  You hold it 8-10 inches away from hair and mist it back and forth, and it covers grays or grow out. It’s also great for men and women with thinning hair because it adds thickness and depth,” says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan.

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Braids, Ponytails, and Top Knots
“Putting your hair in a side ponytail, french braid, or top knot is another surefire way to hide the roots and draw attention to the style and away from the roots,” says Welch.

Be Slick
Slick looks work well for harsh regrowth. “Ponytails with any type of wax, pomades or gel is a great solution. Some gels tend to make damp hair look darker so it can disguise the roots,” says Crowell.

A great tortoiseshell headband or grosgrain ribbon is a perfect way to draw attention to the accessory and away from the roots — and they look chic with plenty of outfits.

Spring is here and the sun is out, so hats are a great way to hide your roots! There are so many styles to choose from – big brimmed, straw, fedoras, the list goes on! “Choose a hat that compliments your look and face, and no one will know you need to see your colorist!” says Welch.

Image via Imaxtree