How to Get Gorgeous Waves—Without Heat

Victoria Moorhouse

Nothing looks more carefree than a gorgeously loose, wavy hairstyle—but, as we all know, looks can often be deceiving. “Effortless-looking” hairstyles so often take forever to create, with most tutorials requiring six different products and damaging heat tools. So you can imagine our excitement when Wella Professionals celebrity hairstylist Andy Lecompte taught us an incredibly easy way to get loose waves that requires a single product and NO heat.

He crafted this easy, wavy style for Whitney Port and believe us when we tell you that this an effortless-looking hairstyle that’s actually effortless. Here’s how to get waves without the heat.

After parting dry hair on the side or in the center, Lecompte says to section your hair in half and create two 3-strand braids positioned near the nape of your neck. Next, spritz your braids with a styling product like Wella Professionals EIMI Sugar Lift spray ($19), a formula that Lecompte says will dampen the hair while also giving it grip and shine. “It’s almost like an ocean spritz product, but it has a little bit more shine to it. It’s not as dry and dehydrating,” he told us.

Cross the two braids over one another and pin them up on top of your head. Leaving it overnight will give you more of a defined look, but for Whitney’s hair, Lecompte only left the braids in for about 10 minutes. That’s definitely a doable time commitment.

Once you’ve taken the braids out, loosen the waves by running your fingers through them. If you want to loosen them up even further, Lecompte says to run a flatiron over the waves—but that is, of course, entirely optional.

And good news for anyone who hates busting out the curling wand: no-heat hairstyles may finally be getting the recognition they deserve. “I think a lot of people are really embracing a more natural texture because it protects the integrity of the hair,” says Lecompte.

So if you’re looking for a super easy look that leaves behind barely any damage, this loosely wavy hairstyle is definitely worth a shot.

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