How To Get These Delicious Sprinkle Nails

Drew Tillman

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Seeking a little bit of spring in your never-ending winter? The key may be the perfect whimsical nail art that will have you daydreaming of ice cream and warmer weather. We teamed up with Miss Pop to demonstrate just how easy it is to achieve this colorful look using Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™. If we weren’t craving spring enough, this may have sent us over the edge!

11 How To Get These Delicious Sprinkle Nails


Step 1 – You get to skip the base coat (and the light) with this gel nail art! Begin by applying two coats of Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™ in Get Mod to 4 of your 5 fingers. On the empty nail, apply Shock Wave for a fun pink accent nail. Allow nails to dry.

2 How To Get These Delicious Sprinkle Nails


Step 2 – Once dry, use your Sally Hansen® dotter to create the sprinkles. Going one color at a time, dip your dotter into the complimentary color and create a short flicking motion with you wrist. Be careful to not simply place the dotter on your nail but drag it to create short thin sprinkles.

3 How To Get These Delicious Sprinkle Nails


Step 3 – Continue until you have approximately 2-3 sprinkles per color on each nail. Try shades of Miracle Gel™!

4 How To Get These Delicious Sprinkle Nails


Step 4 – Allow to completely dry and then seal the look with Miracle Gel™ top coat for up to 14 days of color and shine. No light needed!

5 How To Get These Delicious Sprinkle Nails



Now, go grab some ice cream and show off your sprinkle nails!



Materials Used:
Sally Hansen Miracle Gel
Red – 470 Red Eye
White – 450 Get Mod
Pink – 220 Pink Tank
Pale Yellow – 390 Lemon Heaven
Bubblegum Pink – 310 Shock Wave
Orange – Electra-Cute
Top Coat – 100 Top Coat

Nail Artist: Miss Pop
Photographer: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

This post was brought to you by Sally Hansen® Miracle Gel™