How to Get Your Shiniest Hair Ever

Rachel Krause
Diane Von Furstenberg - Runway RTW - Spring 2013 - New York Fashion Week

Photo: Getty Images

There’s a time and a place for the trendy matte effect achieved through texturizing sprays and powders, but we’re still partial to clean, shiny hair for every day. We’ve heard every trick in the book when it comes to getting a glossy, gorgeous mane, but these are our top five tried-and-true favorites.

Get rid of the gunk.
There are so many variables in daily life that contribute to scalp buildup: Sweat, styling products, infrequent washing, environmental grime…the list goes on. Start fresh by using a clarifying shampoo like Bumble and bumble Sunday Shampoo ($24, once a week—lather up, rinse, and repeat. If your buildup is particularly bad, try an intensive exfoliating scalp treatment, like Alterna Caviar Clinical Exfoliating Scalp Facial ($36,

Clean hair is shiny hair.
A healthy shine can be achieved regardless of what type of hair you have, but no amount of shine serum in the world is going to counteract those three days of coasting by on dry shampoo. If you have dry, processed, or color-treated hair, daily cleansing may be too much, so every other day is a good general rule.

Use a shine-specific shampoo.
We’re loving the new R+Co Moon Shine Shampoo ($24,, because it does exactly as it says it will, with the added benefit of smelling glorious.

Invest in the right brush.
It’s far too easy to adopt bad hair-brushing habits, and brushing hair when it’s wet, brushing from root to tip, and brushing too frequently can all lead to serious damage and breakage. Investing in a gentle natural boar bristle brush is key—the bristles are far gentler than plastic or synthetic versions, and they’re the most effective when it comes to distributing the hair’s healthy natural oils.

Smooth the cuticle.
The smoother and more “closed” the hair cuticle is, the more light it’s able to reflect. Part of keeping cuticles in their best shape is general good treatment with regular deep conditioning and minimal exposure to coloring and heat style, but for a quick fix, try rinsing your hair with ice-cold water just before you hop out of the shower and always finish off your blow-dry with a blast of cool air.

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