Get Out of a Beauty Rut With These Simple and Effective Tips

Aly Walansky
beauty rut

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Whether it’s going to the same restaurant (and ordering the same dish) every night or having the same hair style for the past five years, we all get stuck in a rut sometimes. A beauty rut happens because we find a look that feels comfortable and routine, but that habit can easily start to feel stale and boring. Shake things up, have some fun, and give your look a breath of fresh air!

Start experimenting: We live in a world that is saturated with inspiration! “Page through magazines and tear out looks that catch your eye, browse through YouTube videos and see how to work with that hooded eyelid, start a Pinterest account, or stop into your favorite beauty store and try a new technique. Makeup isn’t permanent – it washes off,” says  Wantable‘s Beauty Editor, Jordan Liberty. Experiment with your look the same way you would in a fitting room — by trying it on!

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Cut or color your hair: You don’t have to go with wild colors; maybe dip your toes into color waters with some highlights. Lisa Scott, proprietor of Beaute Box Salon in Dayton, Ohio warns that if you’re new to coloring to leave it to the professionals and step away from the box. Brighten your hair and brighten your mood!

Try a bold new lip: “To get out of a beauty rut I love experimenting with color on the lips. It’s the easiest way to break your everyday beauty routine,” says BECCA Style Director, Kerry Cole. Stay in the same color family, just try a shade with a little more punch. Keep your eyes and cheek application light and keep your skin clean.

Make the old new again: If you aren’t ready to invest in anything entirely new yet, try to add excitement to what you are already doing. Skip the salon for now, but move the part in your hair. Take that eyeliner you are already using and switch up how you use it. Are you ready for the perfect cat eye, perhaps? You’ll notice, much as in your closet, there are items you use all the time, and those you hardly use at all. Switch things up!

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It takes a village: Sometimes it’s hard to pull yourself out of a rut, mostly when you have to do it alone! We say, recruit some help to make the transition easier. Sometimes we get lost in what we think looks best because we’ve done the same thing for so long. “Go get a manicure and have the technician recommend the color. Get a blowout at your local hair salon and tell them to surprise you! Sometimes, letting other people enhance our beauty allows us to see what we’ve had going for us the entire time!” says makeup artist & Founder of SkinOwl, Annie Tevelin.

People tend to duplicate the same look from the time of theirs lives when they were the happiest. This can put us in a rut and make us look dated. “It is always a good idea to see different makeup artist and have your makeup done seasonally. Go in without any makeup on and let them do their magic. Each artist will see you differently and you will walk away with new ideas and tricks instead of the same old look,” says makeup artist Donna Kelly.

Give your skin a reboot: If we’re feeling in a rut, our skin may feel it as well. We look in the mirror after a long, hard winter and we see a dull, tired face looking back at us and that rut isn’t going anywhere no matter what makeup we slather on top. Give your skin a reboot with a trip to the spa for a facial. Rejuvenating your skin will encourage you to reinvent the rest of your look, too.