How Do I Get Milkmaid Braids?

Wesley O'Meara

milkmaid braids1 How Do I Get Milkmaid Braids?

Dear Wesley,

How can I get the milkmaid braids I keep seeing celebrities wearing?



Milkmaid braids are so fun and so easy!  They can be worn to run errands, or to an upscale event, they are so versatile and everyone loves them.

What you’ll need:  Two rubber bands and a few bobby pins.

Step One: Starting with dry hair, separate your hair into two sections running down the center of your head. You’ll need to create pigtail braids. It is easier if you braid the hair from the front, starting from right behind your ears. Once you have finished the first braid, secure the end with a rubber band. Then repeat on the other side, until you have two braided pigtails.

Step Two:  Take the first braid and bring it all the way up and pin it in the middle of the top of your head. Using one of your bobby pins secure it into place. Then, you can repeat with the other braid. It is best if you try your best to hide the rubber bands with the hair and pins.

I mean, HOW easy was that ladies??? Enjoy your new summer hairstyle!!!

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