How to Get Legs Like Kate Middleton

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Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge And Prince Harry Visit Tower Of London's Ceramic Poppy Field

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She’s got legs…but did you ever doubt it?

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited the athletes’ village at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games late July where they participated in festive games— but it was the royal in heels who stole the show.

While playing the South African game Three Tins, Kate Middleton was all smiles while she jumped around in towering wedges in front of hundreds. And while the 32-year-old can thank her lifelong love affair with sports for those lean legs, you too can score gorgeous gams with the right workout routine.

“Strong legs are my favorite, and there are plenty of exercises to get them that way,” explains Jennifer Cassetta, who holds a black belt in VSK Jujitsu and has trained Jenny McCarthy and Bethenny Frankel. “The obvious moves to get them are running/sprinting, squats and lunges. However, not-so-obvious ones are plyometric moves, like jump squats and jump kicks, side lunges, as well as balance movements, like the Warrior III pose in yoga or one-legged squats.”

Sure, not every gal can leap in heels with ease, but scoring lean legs like a royal is possible. For some moves you can do at home, fitness expert Simone De La Rue, who has also helped sculpt several celeb bodies, shared her favorite techniques below:

Pony Kick

“Get into a tabletop position and place a Pilates ball in the crook of your right knee,” says De La Rue. “Squeeze your heel toward your glute to secure the ball in place, foot pointed. Lift your bent leg toward the ceiling until your thigh comes parallel to the floor. Lower your leg to complete one repetition. Switch legs and repeat. Do 10-15 reps, each leg.” Avoid arching your back as you lift each leg and keep your abs tight to support your spine.

Better Bun Lift

“Get into the tabletop position and hold a resistance band in each hand,” says De La Rue. “Loop the center of the band across the sole of your shoe, foot flexed, and extend your right leg away from you, toe touching the ground. Lift your leg until it’s parallel to the floor, then lower to the first position. Switch legs and repeat. Do 15-20 reps on each leg.” While the tension in the band will make you want to bend your knee, she insists you fight back, which will further work your hamstrings and glutes.

Marching Band

“Tie the ends of your resistance band together so that it makes a secure circle, like a giant rubber band, and loop it twice around your legs,” says De La Rue. “Secure it around either your mid-thigh or your ankles (harder) and stand with your feet hip-width apart, just far enough to create tension in the band so it stays in place. Step laterally to the right and to the left, keeping your legs straight and maintaining tension in the band. Do 15-20 reps.”

Want more inspiration? Check out Middleton in all of her jumping glory over at Fox News Magazine.

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