Easy Ways To Create Texture For Any Hair Type

Janell M. Hickman


Ah, the coveted look of textured hair — without all of the effort. Whether you have stick straight strands or voluminous curls, creating (or enhancing) texture isn’t as far out of reach as you think. We asked a three experts, many who work with some of our favorite celebrities, to spill secrets on creating waves, curls, coils and everything in between on any hair type.

Determine Your Natural Texture
To get to the finish line, you have to know your starting point. Celebrity hairstylist Cesar Ramirez (Ciara’s mane man) suggests deciphering your natural texture with a simple strand test. “You can easily figure out of you have fine, medium or coarse hair by running one hair strand in between your fingers,” he advises. “Depending on how smoothly (or not) it runs will help you assess your actual texture.” How does one define texture? “It can be anything from super tight coils set by rollers or getting hair bone straight with a flat iron,” comments Ramirez.

Find The Right Method
“Out of all of the textures, thick and coiled hair is the most versatile hair type,” says celebrity hair stylist Cynthia Alvarez. “For hair that is chemically-treated or damaged, I would suggest letting strands air dry and opting for braids (or double-strand twists) to avoid stripping natural oils any further.” Thick, straight hair will also benefit from an overnight styling method (i.e. pin curls, braids or rollers) to lock-in waves. Naturally curly girls or those with pre-defined waves can avoid the “crunchy” look by staying away from heavy gels and creams. Olivia Munn’s stylist, Mika Fowler is a fan of dry wax for most hair types. “It’s easy to use on multiple textures to enhance your ends. If you are looking for a ‘wet look’, opt for a cream wax or even wet gel.” What else in in Fowler’s product arsenal? Styling balm, leave-in conditioner, and holding mousse.

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Ask For The Right Cut
“I’m loving short hair at the moment,” adds Ramirez, who also works with Jennifer Hudson and Kelly Rowland, among others.  “Anything from an edgy pixie to fashion-forward pageboy looks great with a few curls or waves.” Those looking for longer styles will love blunt bobs with under cut layers or shoulder-length strands with eye-grazing fringe. “Ciara is a celebrity muse that comes to mind when I think of cuts enhanced with body,” explains Alvarez.

Keep It Old School
“Pin curls are still trendy and always sexy for special occasions,” shares Fowler.  Alvarez agrees, but also recommends using a dry shampoo first to roots for a “va-va-voom finish we all desire.” Minimize heat damage by putting down the curling iron and replacing it with traditional hot rollers. “For super fine, limp hair this is an older trick that reveals modern results. I love them!” shares Ramirez.

Hold The Shampoo
“Texture is best executed on next day hair,” explains Alvarez. “Usually, freshly washed hair has a lot of slip and won’t hold a curl as well as hair that’s been lived in for a day or so.” Ramirez on the other hand, is a fan of clean, bouncy hair to execute texture. To mimic the effect of day old hair, he uses texture sprays and powders perfect for use on both wet or dry locks.