3 Tricks to Fake an Insanely Pretty Pregnancy Glow, Every Single Day

3 Tricks to Fake an Insanely Pretty Pregnancy Glow, Every Single Day
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Alright, so the idea of a pregnancy glow is so blown out and overplayed at this point that it’s almost a cliché in itself. Because, really, what is a pregnancy glow, other than an increase in oily skin and blood flow, due to hormone fluctuations? Oh, wait, that’s literally all it is. (Plus, you know, the fact that you’re growing a human out of nothing, which is pretty glow-inducing.)

But there’s no denying that most pregnant women tend to radiate, and we feel that it’s unfair to relegate that glow to only a nine-month block of time. So we’ve broken down our three favorite tricks for getting a year-round glow, with or without a baby. Keep reading to find out how to fake perfect skin, really, really quickly—and painlessly.

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Photo: ImaxTree

Embrace the oils.

OK, so 99-percent of the time, oily, shiny skin isn’t a super-desired look. But when it comes to getting a glowy complexion, you want to embrace facial oils—so start your morning with them. After cleansing your face and moisturizing, massage three drops of a lightweight facial oil, like Biossance Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil for dry-to-regular skin, or Plant Superfacial Organic Superlight oil for oily skin, across your face, avoiding your eyelids. Give the oils 15 minutes to sink in before applying makeup. If you’re short on time, save this one for the weekends.

Switch up your primer.

If you’re not already using a primer, then please excuse us while our brains explode into a thousand tears. Not only is primer one of the most-important products for keeping your makeup smooth, crease-free, and long-lasting, but the new wave of primers are also filled with a bunch of glow-enhancers, like tiny, tiny light-reflecting specks that give your skin a true, lit-from-within finish. And if that sounds too poetic for you, then you’ve clearly never tried Pur’s No Filter Blurring Primer or Erborian’s Glow Crème, both of which are formulated with micro-fine, pearlescent reflectors that leave your skin with the most subtle of warm glows. Before applying your makeup, gently rub a few drops of an iridescent primer over your skin (including your eyelids), wait a few minutes, then dab on your tinted moisturizer or foundation.

Lean (hard) into blush.

Hey, you should give blush a call sometime, because it’s your best friend, and you’re neglecting it. Listen, flushed skin is happy, youthful skin, and the new generation of blushes is nothing like the heavy, powdered formulas of your grandmother’s time, but is instead filled with creamy, hydrating ingredients that literally plump your skin and fine lines as soon as you massage them on. Our favorites: It Cosmetics CC+ Vitality Brightening Crème Blush and the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blush. Use your fingers, or a damp BeautyBlender, to blend a sheer layer of blush over the apples of your cheeks and across your cheekbones, and then marvel at the fact that you now have the glowiest, prettiest, is-that-my-face skin you’ve ever had. And you didn’t even need to get pregnant to get it—huzzah!


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