WATCH: How to Get Beach Waves

Rachel Adler

As the weather gets warmer, all we can think about is effortless, sexy (EASY!) hair. So obviously we all want to figure out how to get beach waves, without all of the fuss of a curling iron. Hairstylist Mischa G. from Bumble and bumble taught us two different ways to get these soft, textured waves overnight – so basically all you have to do is style your hair and go to sleep!

Watch the video above for her tips and decide which way you’re more comfortable with to achieve your waves. Plus, we’ve pulled out the steps from the video below so you can get the look just right:


Step 1: Wash and towel dry your hair.
Step 2: Split your hair down the middle, and twist your hair back at the fringe area. Gather in a loose ponytail.
Step 3: Twist in a loose bun and secure on each side. Cover with a scarf to sleep.
Step 4: Undo and tousle for your beach waves!


Step 1: Section your hair, split in two and twist around each other – your rope braid will secure itself.
Step 2: Continue around your head until all of your hair is in twists, and then go to sleep.
Step 3: Undo your twists in the morning, tousle, and enjoy your beach waves!

Video by Alissa Huff

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