WATCH: How to Get a Sunkissed Glow with Bronzer

Rachel Adler

When it comes to the heat of the summer (or more precisely, a heat wave) it’s nice to have a gorgeous glow to go along with our sundresses and tank tops. But, if you’re the wise women that we know you are, you take pride in your sun protection, so that glow often has to be cosmetically enhanced. That’s where our beloved bronzers come in to play. With just a quick tap of the brush we can add a hint of color to our face in no time at all, but adding that color in exactly the right places isn’t always easy. We called upon makeup artist Mary Guthrie to show us how to do the job right.

Guthrie explains in the video above just where to place our bronzer to get that perfect sunkissed glow:
Step 1: Apply the bronzer at the top of your cheek around the top of your temple in a “C” shaped pattern.
Step 2: Don’t apply it all over your face – this is a common misconception.
Step 3: Simply layer your bronzer, following that “C” shape pattern, and blend!

Follow her tips at home and go ahead and rock that summer sunkissed look!

Video by Alissa Huff

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