Here’s How to French Braid Your Own Hair

Rachel Krause
how to french braid your own hair

Photo: ImaxTree

It’s summer, and we’re getting sweaty; what better way to keep our hair out of our (uh, extremely radiant faces) than with a French braid? But creating a French braid on your own head may seem like the most daunting task of all time, mostly because it looks super complicated. Best news ever: It’s almost crazy how simple it is. We’ve managed to narrow the entire process down to just four easy steps. Without further ado, here’s exactly how to French braid your own hair.

(As a side note, we actually recommend forgoing the mirror when you French braid. Given that it’s, well, a mirror, it tends to be more confusing than helpful, especially when you’re first starting out.)

1. Brush all your hair backwards away from your forehead and, if it’s long enough, over your shoulders so that it’s all in the same place.

2. From the top center of your head, take a large chunk of hair and separate it into three fairly even sections as you would a regular braid. Start by making a few rows of a regular braid.

3. Continue braiding as you do normally, but each time you cross a strand over another, grab an additional small section of hair from the loose hanging pieces on the same side and incorporate it into the section you’re crossing over.

4. As you braid down your head, the number of hair that’s hanging by your neck will diminish and be incorporated into the rest of the braid. By the time you reach the nape of your neck, you shouldn’t have any extra hair left over, so you’ll basically just be continuing a regular braid. Easy!

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