How to French Braid Your Bangs

Shannon Farrell
Jennifer Morrison braid

Michael Tran /Contributor/FilmMagic

When in need of a simple change, bangs are our go-to. Yet when the humidity hits, a bit of regret starts to kick in. No matter how much anti-humidity spray we use, it’s inevitable that your bangs will get frizzy and curl up. For the worst of days, try a braided bang. Done tightly, the style will last all day — no matter what weather throws your way. Follow these simple steps to learn how to French braid your bangs in no time at all!

Step 1: Start by creating a deep side part at least two inches back.

Step 2: Gather an inch of hair at the hairline and separate into three sections.

Step 3: Pull the front piece of hair over the center piece.

Step 4: Follow by folding the back piece over the “new” center piece.

Step 5: Now, gather a section of hair in the front from your hairline, adding it into the front piece of hair and folding it over the center piece.

Step 6: With the back section, add an inch of hair and fold over the center.

Step 7: Continue to do this, braiding the hair down the hairline and finishing just above the ear.

Step 8: Use a clear elastic or bobby pins to secure the braid in place and you’re set to go!

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