Here’s How To French Braid Your Bangs

Alle Connell
how to french braid your bangs

Photo: IMaxTree

If you have bangs, you know the struggle: as soon as the temperature hits seventy, your adorable fringe is soaked in sweat and your forehead is greasier than a piece of pizza. We don’t know about you, but that is NOT the look we’re after in summer.

So what’s a bangs-loving babe to do? French braid that fringe to get it out of your face, of course. Because let’s be honest: French braided bangs are EVERYTHING. Style it to look sleek and pulled-together, or make it messier to pair with beachy waves—it keeps your hair out of your face (even through a workout) AND looks like you’ve put a tonne of effort into styling your hair. Maximum glamour with minimal fuss: this is basically the perfect summer hairstyle.

So follow along, and we’ll teach you how to French braid your bangs like a pro. It’s easier than you think, we promise. (Check out this French braid primer to get you started if you’re unsure of the technique.)

braided bangs1 Heres How To French Braid Your Bangs

Photos: IMaxTree

Here’s How To French Braid Your Bangs:

1. Deep part your bangs so that there’s more hair one one side than the other.
2. Separate the first inch of your bangs into three small sections.
3. Cross the back section over the center section, then the front over the center section–just like how you’d do a normal braid. Do one or two “passes” like this, depending on your hair’s thickness.
4. Cross the back section over the center section again, this time pulling in a small piece of hair from the back (next to your braid).
5. Now cross the front section over the back section, pulling a small piece of hair in from the front along your hairline (or possibly slightly underneath, if your hair is on the thinner side).
6. Keep going like this until your bangs are completely secured, making your braid as secure or as loose as you like.
7. Either secure the end of the French braid against your scalp with a bobby pin that matches the color of your hair, continue French braiding to work it into a Mermaid style or braid it straight down into a normal plait. It’s up to you!

And of course, here’s a video from Bobby Glam that shows you the technique in motion! (The actual tutorial starts at 1:08.)

Congratulations–you now know how to French braid your bangs! Why not experiment with it? Braid the hair down low on your forehead, plait it inside-out…the choice is yours! Go forth and have amazing hair.

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