How to Fix Your Makeup After a Snowy Winter Walk

Caitlin S. Miller
winter makeup tips

Photo: PeopleImages / Getty Images

If you’re like us, you hate winter for more than the brisk wind and unexpected inches of snow. Any beauty lover knows the real downside of winter happens to be what it does to your makeup. If you spend anytime at all outside during the cooler months, you’re likely to fall victim to one of the following: a runny, red nose, watery eyes, dehydrated skin, and don’t even get us started with the chapped lips situation. To solve all these winter makeup woes, we chatted to two top makeup artists to learn exactly how to fix your makeup after a winter walk and what products you need to arm yourself with ASAP.

For watery eyes
“During winter months I relay on smudge-proof mascara and liner, in case snowflakes get in my eyes or watery eyes [start] tearing up,” says Makeup Artist Azra Red. But if you happen to forget your favorite waterproof tools, don’t despair. Red suggests carrying makeup remover-soaked cotton swabs in a small baggie (or even purchasing pre-made ones) so you’re always able to make touch-ups on the fly.

For flushed cheeks
If you’re like us, there’s nothing worse than unintentionally red cheeks. According to Makeup Artist and founder of the Beauty Blender, Rea Ann Silva, keeping a matte bronzer handy to quickly neutralize flushed cheeks is a great option. We’re partial to Lune+Aster’s Baked Bronzer ($32,, which offers a slight luminous touch while maintaining a matte finish. Another option for calming flushed cheeks—besides the typical concealer—comes in an ingestible form. Red says taking a Tumeric supplement daily will help ease inflammation. “Tumeric is my go-to in the winter months, as it helps body to reduce inflammation and keeps me healthy during flu and cold season,” she adds. Who knew?!

For a runny, red nose
OK, this is a big one. How do you banish redness without completely wiping off your makeup with a tissue? According to the pros, concealer actually is your best bet. Red suggests applying a dab of healing ointment and then going over it with a touch of concealer. (Check out some of our favorites here!) This will help treat and cover the area.

For dehydrated skin
Reaching for an oil before you even head out the door can save your skin from cracking and flaking after a winter trek. In addition, Red also suggests using a hydrating mask like Nanogold Repair Face Mask ($150, at least once a week to keep skin soothed. But for dry skin that keeps popping up, like right before that big meeting, a hydrating spray will be your best friend at work. “If you are on the go or at the office, I suggest keeping a small bottle of hydrating spray in your bag that can be sprayed over makeup to keep your skin looking fresh,” says Red. She suggests Caudalie Travel Beauty Elixir ($18,, which boasts smoothing away fine lines and tightening pores in addition to refreshing skin.
For unexpected sweat and shine
Those puffy coats are great for keeping the heat in, but they do just that—they keep the heat in. If you’ve ever found yourself working up a sweat while walking around in a puffer and scarf, you know the struggle of sweat and shine in the middle of winter. To fight this unwelcome problem, Silva suggests reaching for the Blotterazzi by beautyblender ($20, “Rather than using a blotting paper, which can clog pores and mattify, Blotterazzi simply soaks up the shine to show off your natural glow—and unwanted sheen!” Consider us sold.