7 Tips to Keep In Mind When Giving Your Beauty Supply Wig a Makeover

7 Tips to Keep In Mind When Giving Your Beauty Supply Wig a Makeover
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Wigs are by far the easiest way to switch up your hairdo at any given moment—specifically readily available beauty supply store wigs. While ordering a wig online based on YouTube recommendations work for some people, others, including myself, may prefer going to a store where you can touch, feel and even try on your potential new style before purchasing. That’s why beauty supply stores are especially great for beginners or those strapped for time, but knowing how to fix a wig will make your budget-friendly purchase well-worth the gamble.

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to spend a ton of money on a wig for it to look good. Over the years, wigs have come a long way as far as a natural look is concerned; affordable beauty supply store options included. Though it may take some trial and error to learn how to properly customize a beauty supply store wig, doing it will save you a lot of money in the long run. Don’t knock it until you actually try it.

With that being said, I’ve outlined some ways to elevate an affordable wig in a matter of minutes. If you follow these simple yet useful tips, you’ll be hooked and ready to start a collection. 

Try on before purchasing (if you can). 

In most beauty supply stores, customers can try on display wigs before purchasing a brand new one—this is something that you should take total advantage of. For starters, you may love how a wig looks on display, but end up hating the color or style once it’s on your head. Wigs also aren’t one size fits all—trying on a wig ensures you don’t leave with something you can’t pull down and over your natural hair. 

On the other hand, if you’re ordering a wig from an online beauty supply store, you can search YouTube for a try on video of the wig you’re interested in purchasing. In most cases, YouTubers share whether a wig fits tight or not so you can make a well-informed decision. 

If you need a big head-friendly option, the one I’m wearing is the It’s A Wig Human Hair Blend 360 All Round Lace Wig. There are also combs on the inside that ensure it will stay in place. 

beauty supply wig tips 7 Tips to Keep In Mind When Giving Your Beauty Supply Wig a Makeover

Mika Robinson.

If your wig has a lace frontal or closure, cut the wig as close to the faux hairline as possible.

Though lace front wigs are designed to look like skin, not properly cutting the lace on a wig will make it stand out against your natural skin tone. It’s essential to cut as close to the hairline to help the wig blend. Take your time and use sharp scissors to cut the lace precisely.

Optional: Add baby hairs by cutting the front hairs down to about an inch.

This is totally optional, but it helps to further disguise the lace at the front of your wig. Here’s a YouTube tutorial to help guide you. My wig didn’t come with pre-plucked baby hair, so I added myself to camouflage the line of demarcation between the lace and my skin. 

beauty supply wig tutorial

Mika Robinson.

Use tweezers to pluck the parting of your wig.

Most wigs fresh out the pack have thin parts that look unnatural. To make the parting space mimic real hair and scalp, pluck some hair from the parting space to widen it to a natural density. You can find pre-plucked wigs similar to one I’m using if you want to save time or are hesitant about doing it yourself. 

beauty supply wig tutorial

Mika Robinson.

Use face powder, concealer, or foundation to help blend the part with your skin tone.

A dead giveaway that you’re wearing a wig is the lace not appearing the same color as your skin (or scalp)—makeup can quickly fix this. Use a complexion product that is your skin tone or slightly lighter to blend your parting with your skin. I’m currently using the Sephora MicroSmooth Baked Foundation Powder, then layering MAC Studio Finish Concealer on top. This combo not only fixes the lace color, but also makes the grids on the lace less visible.

beauty supply wig tutorial

Mika Robinson.

If the wig looks bulky, apply mousse and lay it flat with a scarf.

In most cases, voluminous hair is #goals, but too much can look very unnatural. Flatten your wig just a tad by applying a mousse to the crown of the head and tie it down with a scarf. When the mousse has mostly dried, you can unwrap your masterpiece.

I usually use Pantene Pro-V’s Volume Body Boosting Mousse which, may I add, smells absolutely amazing.

Optional: Get rid of excess shine with dry shampoo. 

Most beauty supply store wigs, especially synthetic ones, tend to look very shiny. An easy solution is spraying the hair with dry shampoo and brushing out. Be mindful though; if you purchase a curly synthetic wig, you shouldn’t try this method as brushing out the hair may compromise the curls.

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