5 Tips That Will Change Your Eyebrow Grooming Game

Rachel Krause


So you’ve already figured out just how important brows are to your beauty look, and adjusted your makeup routine—and learned new skills—accordingly. You already know where your brow should begin and end, and that you should never tweeze more than a single hair at once. But how can you make your brows even better? These 5 tips are one step ahead of you, so if you’re wondering how to fill in eyebrows like a pro, look no further.

Brush your brows up before you do anything else.
When you use a spoolie to brush your brows upward, it enables you to see the real shape of your brows, since that’s the direction your hair grows in. Combing to the side will keep hairs tamed, but it won’t actually show you where your arch is—pushing those hairs upward will help you get a better idea of the way your brows are naturally shaped, so you’ll know where you need to sketch out and fill in rather than approaching it arbitrarily.

Try the two-step approach.
Why choose between pencil or powder when you can use both, for even better results? Pencil is wonderful for creating thin, brow-like strokes, whereas powder works great for a soft, natural finish. Start by sketching out your shape with a pencil as you normally would, but use a brush dipped in powder to blend it all together. You’ll get the seamless, realistic look of powder and the definition of pencil.

Use a light hand.
This should be a no-brainer, but pressing down too hard with pencil, or loading up too much powder in one area, is how Groucho brows happen. It’s so important to go lightly—and it’s always better to have deposited too little color than too much. Hold pencils and brushes firmly in your hand, but keep your strokes light and build upon them.

Blend and soften with a Q-tip.
If your strokes are looking a little too defined, or you can see where your real brow hair ends and your powder begins, use the side of a Q-tip—not the point!—to simply blend the color for a more natural look. Brows don’t naturally have hard edges or sharp lines, so if you’ve created them, it’s time to blend them away. Clean up any residue with a bit of makeup remover to keep the area looking clean.

Always finish with gel.
Regardless of what you use to fill in, you should always finish off with gel to keep brows in place and to prevent smudging throughout the day. Look for a formula that comes in an easy tube applicator and has a non-shiny finish, like Urban Decay Brow Tamer Flexible Hold Brow Gel, which sets the brows without making them look crunchy or unnatural.

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