10 Things No One Ever Tells You About: Exfoliation

Molly Carroll

how to exfoliate

We’ve all been taught that the formula for clear, beautiful skin starts with a proper cleanse. However, many of our teachers left out the fact that in order to maintain our radiant skin, we must begin this formula with regular exfoliation.¬†Throughout the year, our skin goes through changes and is forced to adapt to the revolving seasons. To keep your skin smooth and bright all year round, exfoliating is the key to success.

If exfoliation is new to you or you want to learn more about its many benefits, read on to find out some interesting facts and tips about the skin care essential!

1. Your skin exfoliates naturally: When you’re younger, your skin will naturally renew itself about every 25 days. When you reach the age of 30, the process begins to slow down which can result in more pigmentation as well as a duller complexion.

2. There are many types of exfoliants: Exfoliants come in many shapes and sizes. Whether you choose a manual, chemical or electronic exfoliant, all will help to unveil younger,more radiant skin. There are some differences though. Manual and chemical exfoliants should only be used once or twice a week, while electronic exfoliants are gentle enough to use daily.

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3. The benefits are endless: With regular exfoliation comes great skin. Not only does it remove dead skin, it also reduces skin discoloration and pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.

4. Choose wisely: Some exfoliants have granules with rough edges which can damage the skin. To prevent any harm, make sure to choose an exfoliant with rounded beads instead.

5. Try a chemical peel: Using a product with glycolic acid is a great way to remove any damaged layers of skin without having to scrub away at your skin.

6. Waxing counts, too: Waxing your face is also a form of exfoliation. So, if you are planning on waxing an area on your face, make sure you avoid exfoliating your skin before and after your wax to prevent and damage or discomfort from occurring.

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7. Exfoliate in the morning: Your skin renews itself overnight, so exfoliate your skin in the morning to slough away any dead skin.

8. Be gentle: Make sure you don’t scrub your face too often, and when you do, scrub lightly. Rubbing too hard and too frequently will only cause more harm than good to your skin.

9. Same goes for oily or acne-prone skin: If you suffer from acne-prone or oily skin, washing your face too much will not make the oil and spots disappear, it will most likely do the opposite. Over exfoliating the skin can put your sebaceous glands into a frenzy, causing them to produce more oil than necessary, and ultimately cause more breakouts to occur. So, stick to exfoliating once or twice a week.

10. Don’t forget to remove your makeup: Before exfoliating, it is important to remember to take off any makeup and give your skin a proper cleanse. If you don’t, the exfoliant will not be able to give you the deep clean you are looking for.

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