How To Really Eat Apples (Because Apparently We’ve All Been Doing It Wrong)

Julie Gerstein
learn the right way to apple an apple and deal with the core.

Photo: Getty

We go our whole lives just knowing certain things. The sky is blue. Grass is green. You eat apples around the core. Or do you?

The folks at Foodbeast set out to test that idea. Is there another, better way to eat apples besides from outside-to-core? Have we been doing this all wrong all along? So many questions! Discarding the core wastes between 15 to 30 percent of the apple, so maybe there’s a better way.

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In the below video, a Foodbeast editor deftly demonstrates that eating an apple from the top down up allows you to munch right through the core which, it turns out, is edible. You can even eat the seeds, or opt to discreetly spit them out. Your choice. Either way, we now consider this editor (whose name is Geoff) nothing short of a produce version of Steve Jobs.

Watch the video below, and consider your apple game updated.