The 10 Coolest Zipper Braids and How to Do Them

How to Do Zipper Braids
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Let’s face it: Zipper braids are still so cool and mesmerizing. When Kelly Osbourne’s hairstylist Joseph DiMaggio brought these braids to our attention last year, we knew we needed more inspo photos—and fast.

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As a refresher, a zipper braid is basically a French braid mixed with a ponytail mixed with some magic. According to DiMaggio in an interview with Allure, he created the braid by dividing her hair into three sections, tying a black ribbon around the middle section (which was half-inch wide), then French-braiding the hair as usual. If it sounds confusing and totally not do-able on yourself, then you’re kind of right: DiMaggio had two assistants on either side of him helping him hold sections while he braided. But, if you and your two friends are especially hair-savvy, you can probably recreate this look at home with a bit (OK, a lot) of patience.

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Of course, as the Internet has taught us, there are a zillion ways to do any braids, and people are currently using actual hair—whaaa! Hair?! Crazy!—in place of ribbons and ropes to do their zipper braids, which makes the task a bit easier. Again, these styles aren’t for the faint of heart—or rather, the faint of patience—but we’re still digging the looks either way. So, we rounded up our favorite zipper braids for the ultimate hair inspo. Click through to see them all.

A version of this article was originally published in June 2017.

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STYLECASTER | The 10 Coolest Zipper Braids and How to Do Them
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