Coachella Is Coming: Here’s How to Get Your Best Festival Hair

Coachella Is Coming: Here’s How to Get Your Best Festival Hair
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It’s that special time of year once again: Coachella is coming, which means it’s time to dust off your flower crown, fire up your blow dryer, and get your hair ~festival ready.~ Even if you’re not going to Coachella, you’re definitely a candidate for trying out some of this year’s best festive hair trends.

So we caught up with celebrity hairstylist, Aussie ambassador, and Scunci stylist Laura Polko, who told us all about her favorite ways to achieve festival hair nirvana—and dished about her best hair tricks and tips along the way.

STYLECASTER: What are you favorite hairstyles for Coachella this year? 

Laura Polko: Buns are great because you can do as many as you want with all your hair up, or half up and half down. Prep hair with Aussie Mega Gel. For two buns, part hair down the middle or even do a zig-zag part, and clip away either section. Comb each section into a ponytail and then wrap the hair around until it starts to coil itself up. Pin into place and loosen up as desired. To finish, mist with Aussie Mega Hairspray from 8-12 inches away. Also, glitter, gems and hair tattoos are all great looks for festival season and they can be worn however you choose! For a glittery part, start by creating either a center or deep side part. Slick hair down using Aussie Instant Freeze Sculpting Gel to tame fly-aways. Spray Aussie Instant Freeze Hairspray directly onto the scalp at the part and spray or sprinkle glitter along the part. As the hairspray dries, it will hold in your glitter and your look for up to 24 hours.

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What’s your favorite hairstyle?

LP: I love using Scunci accessories. They make every style just that much better—pony cuffs, glitter, choker headbands. I also really love messy, sexy hair. As a girl I love my hair down and I think most women feel better with their hair down so i always like to do that most.

What’s your weirdest hair tip?

Do whatever you know how to do best. If you want to try a new style, don’t get upset if it doesn’t look how you thought it would—it’s just hair. Also a very random tip: When spraying hair spray, or most any products, be sure to spray from at least a minimum of 8 inches away for a mist rather than a spritz. you need to distribute the product evenly for it to work.

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