How to Do Winged Eyeliner In 3 Simple Steps

Sable Yong
How to Do Winged Eyeliner In 3 Simple Steps
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The cat-eye, much like what it’s named for, is a tricky beast. It should be so simple—a quick swoop across your eyelid and you’ve got glamorously defined eyes with a sexy elongating flick. Turns out that the simplest-looking things aren’t always so easy to execute. While YouTube and beauty blogs alike have dozens of methods for showing how to do winged eyeliner (all of which you have undoubtedly tried) and beauty brands keep coming out with newfangled eyeliners to help you create that perfect flick, the technique rests with you for better or worse. Here’s one really simple way we know that breaks down the winged look in three easy moves.

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We used Lancome's Artliner 24H eyeliner in Chrome. The liquid liner has a firm foam tip that dips into a tube of the liner. We like this one because it has an opaqueness that delivers really vibrant colors and does NOT budge or smudge once dry.


Photography: Tiffany Hagler-Geard

Art Direction: Rolly Robinson

Let's start from the end. Draw a line from your outer corner, however long you want your wing to be. Don't make it TOO diagonal because it'll look much more angled in practice than when drawing.

Depending on how you smile or emote in general, your wing will always be changing direction slightly, so that's something to keep in mind.

Not sure what angle to flick? You can try keeping it as horizontal as possible, when looking downwards at a mirror for a natural angle.

Next, starting a quarter in from your inner corner moving outwards, line your top lid while looking downwards slightly to connect with the end of that first line. Even if it looks straight here—don't worry, eyeballs are round and once you look up at a normal resting angle, the line will naturally follow the curve of your eyelid.

Lastly, just fill in the gap! It's really that easy. If you want to change or extend the wing a bit, now is a great place to do it while you've created your "base" wing.

Ta-da! A perfectly winged line, created all by drawing (relatively) straight lines!

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