Here’s Exactly How to do The Halo Braid on (Almost) Every Hair Type

Here’s Exactly How to do The Halo Braid on (Almost) Every Hair Type
Photo: ImaxTree

Meet the halo braid, an ethereal, goddess-looking hairstyle that is about to explode across your Instagram feeds in the coming weeks, because it has officially become the most popular braided hairstyle to wear this summer, and we’re not upset about it.

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The halo braid is similar to a crown braid, which involves wrapping two French braids around your head, but instead, you create one long Dutch braid and pile it along your hairline, pinning it in place. Did your eyes just glaze over at that word vomit? Great; cool—we figured. So instead of giving you a thousand-word dissertation on the halo braid, we rounded up the easiest-to-follow tutorials that show you exactly how to copy the look at home, no matter your hair type. Keep reading (and watching), and please be prepared to take at least a billion selfies when you finally master the look.

halo braid tutorials Here’s Exactly How to do The Halo Braid on (Almost) Every Hair Type

Photo: ImaxTree

If you have insanely long hair…

Consider yourself lucky. Just weave one Dutch braid along the edges of your hairline, wrap the braid around your crown and pin it in place. Boom—you’re done.


If you have short, natural hair…

You’ll need a toothbrush and styling gel for your edges, along with a pair of long braided extensions, but we promise the actual tutorial is easier than it sounds


If you have thick, curly hair…

Congrats—your braid will automatically look thick and voluminous, with practically zero effort on your part. Just brush your hair forward, braid it loosely, and pin it to your hairline for an instant halo effect.


If you have fine, short hair…

Yes, a halo braid is possible as long as you’re cool with cheating a bit. Basically, rather than wrapping a long braid around your whole head, you create two skinny braids, tuck them underneath each other, and pin them in place.