How to Do a Cat Eye 8 Different Ways

Rachel Krause
How to Do a Cat Eye 8 Different Ways
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Like a red lip, a classic black cat eye is our default look for any and all situations. Don’t know what to do with your face? Throw on a cat eye! But, as with all things, it can start to feel a bit stale after day after day of wearing the same look. If you’re reluctant to give up the signature style—and we don’t blame you!—put a different spin on it by trying out one of these variations on the classic makeup look. Here’s how to wear a cat eye eight (yes, eight) different ways.

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You don't necessarily need major liquid liner skills to make a cat eye happen: a creamy pencil works to create a look that's a bit softer and smudgier rather than crisp.

Photo: via Charlotte Tilbury

This one involves a smart cheat and a cool, unique new way to wear a cat eye, which is basically all we've ever asked for. A strip of tape and a wash of eyeshadow, and you're golden. Literally.

Photo: via Beautylish

Another cool graphic look that utilizes a pencil liner rather than liquid (so easy!), scoring this one is as simple as sketching an outline on your eyelid. Beyond doable.

Photo: via Fashionising

The "kitten eye," as it's called, is our top pick for an understated, classic look that can be worn day or night—it's even perfect for work.

Photo: via Keiko Lynn

Not for the faint of heart, this thick, seriously sharp winged eye still can't be beat for drama. If you're going to go for it, you might as well go for it.

Photo: via Beauty Is Boring

Put a graphic spin on things by creating a V shape in the outer corners of your eyes, drawing inward over the lid.

Photo: Byrdie via ImaxTree

Sophia, Sophia, Sophia! Nobody does the classic cat eye better than the OG Italian bombshell. To achieve her signature look, a thick line on the upper lid is key, with a thinner line connecting on the bottom.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar via Getty Images

This blocky design deviates pretty far from the standard cat eye, but there's something about it that makes it cool, not crazy.

Photo: Vogue UK via MAC Cosmetics

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