How To Do The Perfect At-Home Blowout

When you’re a girl on the go, there’s no time to sit in the salon and get your hair blown out. Plus, once you perfect this easy at-home blow out technique from our friends at Stylecaster, you’ll be able to spend your blowout money on that new bag you’ve been eying!

For some reason whenever we visit a salon, our hair simply turns out so much better than our attempts at home. And trust me ladies, I’ve watched countless stylists do countless blow outs, and there are certain tricks that I seem to just not be able to master. We stopped by to visit Naeemah Carre at Blow, The New York Blow Dry Bar’s uptown location so she could walk us through each step. She even taught our model how to get the perfect blowout herself! Follow her tips in this video (and the steps below) to finally achieve those gorgeous locks.

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Step 1: Start by working in a dime size amount of Ready Set Blow.
Step 2: Rough dry the hair to remove excess moisture.
Step 3: Section hair into 5 sections using duck bill clips.
Step 4: Dry each section using a round boar bristle brush.
Step 5: Roll the hair up into the brush vertically, apply heat and set with a cold shot.
Step 6: Blow dry the top section of your hair back, pin and set with hairspray and a cold shot.
Step 7: Remove pins, run your fingers through your hair and scrunch!

Contributed by Rachel Adler

Images courtesy of Blake Martin for StyleCaster

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