How to Do a Waterfall Braid On Yourself

Augusta Falletta

waterfall braid tutorial

The waterfall braid may be one of the most Pinned hairstyles we’ve ever seen, but admittedly, getting the look on yourself takes a lot of practice. The end result is amazing and totally possible, once you try it out a few times (like any other hairstyle!). Because we wanted to get the look but needed the talent of someone who really knows what they’re talking about, we turned to Sally Hershberger hairstylist Edgar Parra. Take a look at the waterfall braid tutorial above, then follow Parra’s steps below to get the braid at home!

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Step 1: Make a deep side part, then create a section from behind the ear, forward, and clip the back hair up to keep it out of the way for now.
Step 2: Create a diagonal section at the hairline on your forehead and separate into three sections. Unclip the back section of hair.
Step 3: Start French braiding your hair along the hairline towards the back of your head.
Step 4: Continuing the braid along the back of your head, pick up a section from the back as you would for the braid, but let the outermost piece of hair in the braid fall downward, picking up another piece of hair from under the hairline for a third braid strand. Then, drop the piece in the middle and pick up another piece of hair from under the hairline as the third braid strand. Continue this all around the back of the head.
Step 5: Once you’ve made it all the way around your head, pull the braid in the direction you want it to fall. Continue braiding all the way down, then finish by teasing the ends of your braid with a fine tooth comb. If you’d prefer, you can secure the end of the braid with a clear elastic.
Step 6: Pin the end of the braid underneath your hair with a bobby pin, then let cover up with the rest of your loose hair.

Hairstylist: Edgar Parra
Photographer: Primo Bolo III
Model: Augusta Falletta