The Messy Braid Tutorial That Rivals All

Victoria Moorhouse

If you’re searching for a new take on your average messy braid, you can go ahead and close out that Pinterest tab. This easy tutorial gives you a tousled plait just like Blake Lively’s iconic look, and as an added bonus, shows you exactly how to use those dainty hair pins you have laying around. Yes, they do actually have a purpose in life.

Follow these 5 simple steps from Judy McGuinness, Senior Stylist at Mizu Salon in New York City, to get your messy braid and accessorize it, too.

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Photo by Tom Medvedich; Graphic Design by Candace Napier

Photo by Tom Medvedich; Graphic Design by Candace Napier

1. Create texture by teasing all your hair. Use a curling iron on random sections if you don’t already have some natural wave.


2. Gather hair into a high ponytail, leaving any imperfections. Leave out a half-inch section of hair and wrap it around the base to hide the elastic. Spray texture spray into the lengths of the hair and tease.


3. Create a three-strand braid and secure with a clear elastic.


4. Pull apart the braid and massage it in-between your hands to build volume. This is also called pancaking.

Messy-Braid-2-Retouch5. To finish, slide your clips into the braid for an easy, just off-the-runway effect.

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