French Braid Video Tutorials That Will Take You From Beginner Braid-er to Total Expert

Victoria Moorhouse

If you’re ready to graduate to the next step up from the regular braid, learning how to do a French braid is your next hairstyling assignment. And while it’s only a one-level advancement, it’s a big one indeed. You’re still using three strands (which is a piece of cake), but adding in sections of hair to each side along the way. That means, in addition to juggling three already-sectioned-out chunks of hair with only two hands, you have to handle introducing even more locks to the correct section. Braiding, by nature, is easier to get right when you’re watching someone do it—and when you’re viewing the technique digitally, it’s even better. That “replay” button gets a lot of love.

To service all you beginner French braiders, we rounded up three instructive videos from YouTube, all of which will walk you through the basics of the process.

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Missy Sue knocks braiding tutorials out of the park with her YouTube entry. In this video, she begins by showing you the bare bones of braiding—the regular braid. She then moves on to showing you how to French braid, followed by the Dutch braid. Seeing this vlogger work on these three common braids is a great example of the simple progression between them.

This YouTube vlogger has a great tip—start learning how to French braid using the hair on the side of your head, as opposed to behind you or trying to tackle pigtails. She explains that this will give you the ability to focus on smaller sections of hair—and if you copy her headband-like ‘do, you won’t even have to braid all the way down. She’ll even give you a brand new way of thinking about the French braid, so that you don’t get confused when you’re trying to cross sections of hair over each other while adding in new strands as well.

Check out this clip to see a hairstylist walk through a single French braid that starts at the hair line and goes all the way down the back of the head. The video includes text, breaking down the most essential moves, if you will, to get this look right.

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