How to De-Pot Your Eyeshadows Without Ruining Them

How to De-Pot Your Eyeshadows Without Ruining Them
Photo: ImaxTree

Confession: We have an embarrassing amount of eyeshadow singles cluttering our makeup bags. It’s like an invasion, really, and we have absolutely no idea how we suddenly happen to have so many (OK, we do, but that’s not the point). Lucky for us, though, we discovered the best way to ease our eyeshadow headache: de-potting.

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How To Depot Your Eyeshadows Without Ruining Them

Photo: ImaxTree

Coined by the beauty geniuses of the world, de-potting is more or less a creative way to organize your favorite eyeshadow singles into one, ginormous super-palette, a.k.a. the Z Palette. Experts recommend using M.A.C.’s Pro Palette Large which, for reference, can be used to combine three Urban Decay palettes into one. Amazing, right? And if having your go-to shadows in one, convenient place isn’t reason alone to jump on the de-potting train, it’s also great as inspiration for new color combinations.

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Figuring out how to de-pot your eyeshadows isn’t an easy task, but lucky for you we already scoped out the best de-potting tutorials out there that try out all sorts of techniques, such as using heat to remove the glue under the pan with a hair straightener or going heatless with a string of floss. Below, check out these insanely easy tutorials, and start de0potting your way to an epic collection of shadows.

Using A Lighter

Using Rubbing Alcohol

Using A Straightener

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Using An Exacto Knife

Using Floss