10 Seriously Chic Ways to Decorate Your Vanity

Kristen Bousquet
10 Seriously Chic Ways to Decorate Your Vanity
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Between jewelry, makeup, skin care, and hair accessories, there’s a ton of stuff you need to be able to grab quickly while getting ready. And when you have a disorganized vanity or dresser (the place where you probably toss your stuff when you’re done with it), finding what you need to get on your way can be frustratingly difficult. The truth is, keeping them organized and decorated in a chic way would make getting ready way easier.

Whether it’s easy DIY projects or just simple ways of organizing, keeping your vanity clean will make getting ready a fun process rather than one that’s frustrating. To show you stylish ways to decorate this space where so many of your products live, we’ve gathered some of our favorite ideas from Pinterest–click through the slideshow to check them out!

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Keep items that you want to stay free of dust in a vintage glass box. You'll see be able to view them, but they won't get dirty.

Photo: Instagram/@stephsterjovski

Just by displaying your colorful nail polishes inside a clear box, you'll have added a pop of color to your vanity.

Photo: Daily Makeover

By gluing together two old plates and a candle holder, you can create a two-story organizer to store your makeup and hair accessories in.

Photo: Brit + Co

Fresh flowers always add a feminine and clean feeling to your vanity while getting ready.

Photo: Harper's Bazaar

Using a plastic makeup organizer can keep your products organized but still in plain sight when you want to find something quick.

Photo: Instagram/@glamboxes

Use a tray to separate products from each other and to make your space look cleaner.

Photo: Stylizimo Blog

Use a cotton ball container to store your lip glosses in—it'll double as clean, organized decor.

Photo: Estee Lauder

Perfume is good for more than just making you smell good! You can even use the bottles to display as decorations.

Photo: Daily Makeover

To show off your brushes in a stylish way, use decorative cups or jars to store them for easy access.

Photo: The Everygirl

Use different levels to add more decorations to your vanity area. Add a shelf on the wall behind your vanity to display a print and even your favorite jewelry.

Photo: The Everygirl

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