8 Things That Go through Your Mind Every Day When Dealing with Acne

Megan Segura
Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Those who have never had acne have no idea what the rest of us are dealing with on a regular basis. Let’s put it this way: We’re never not thinking about our skin. It’s a frustrating, difficult and often painful journey, but the fact of the matter is a lot of us are going through it. As we learn how to deal with acne, there are about eight things that run through our heads every single day on the matter.

1. “Is today a good skin day?”
One of the first things that goes through your mind when you wake up is about the condition of your skin. You likely feel around your face for new or existing bumps before biting the bullet and looking into the mirror. The state of your skin in that exact moment tends to dictate your mood for the rest of the day.

2. “Will eating this affect my skin?”
Forget gluten-free. The most limited diet belongs to those with skin issues. Each and every thing you put in your mouth could have serious consequences that show up on your forehead and jawline. And the cruelest part of all is you don’t know what the offending food item is. Is it dairy? Is it chocolate? Will white bread cause a big breakout? The only way to really play it safe is to just stick to salads, and who wants to do that?

3. “Did I call in my prescription?”
Topical acne medication is about the only thing that keeps your world from falling apart, so having it run out is never an option. Regular calls must be made to your pharmacy and dermatologist to make sure you’re never without.

4. “I should try this weird acne solution.”
You’ve spent more time than you care to admit perusing online acne discussion boards looking for the newest blemish-fighting trick. Apple cider vinegar? Drank it. Vitamins? Took ‘em. Face Peels? Yes (and ouch). But no matter how many strange tips you’ve tried, you’ll never stop trying until you find the one that works.

5. “I wonder how she keeps her skin so clear.”
You obsess over other people’s skin, wondering what products they use and what healthy habits they’re partaking in to get such nice skin. Here’s the answer: It’s probably genetics, but it doesn’t hurt to ask. Not only will it make your friend/co-worker/cousin feel good to hear it, but maybe they do have some amazing tip to share. And on the bright side, that same person is probably secretly coveting your hair/purse/gorgeous lipstick.

6. “I should start drinking more water.”
How many celebrities have claimed that the secret to their perfect, well, everything is drinking more water? These magazine interviews lead you to chug as much as you can in a 12-hour period. Yes, it’s good to drink lots of water, and yes, it will probably help your skin in some way, but it is not a miracle cure. So stop beating yourself up about not finishing that gallon jug you keep on your desk.

7. “Will this product irritate my skin?”
Oh how you envy those who can use any skin care or makeup product they see without a thought as to how it will effect their skin. (True story: We once watched with horror as a friend applied greasy body lotion to her face. Her skin, of course, remained crystal clear.)

8. “If only I had that product…”
Having problematic skin makes you do crazy things, like, say, buy everything you see on TV that claims to cure acne. And the skin care aisle at drugstores calls out to you and convinces you that if you just buy one more product, your skin problems will be fixed. The thing we wish people had told us years (and many dollars) ago? Go see a dermatologist. They are remarkably helpful when it comes to finding a skin care solution.

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