Fake It Until You Make It: Covering Up Tattoos

Michelle Grossman
cover up tattoos

Photo by Chris Grarnly/Getty Images

Through all of our handy beauty products, we enhance and improve upon our features that we were born with, and play up the ones that we wish had a bit more prominence. So that saying “fake it until you make it” can really ring true in the beauty world — if you want fuller lips, make them; bolder brows, create them; and a countered jawline, contour it! In this column we’ll teach you the tips and tricks to tweaking your features and “faking it” until you “make it.”

While we’re all for tattoos. When you figure out a piece of art that has some serious meaning and you decide to wear it forever, it’s a beautiful thing. But, though we love them, sometimes, covering up tattoos is necessary. Whether you’re worried the tattoo may steal the spotlight at your next job interview or you’re looking to cover up some ink that you regret getting, we’ve got you covered — literally.  Below, you will find the best tips to covering up your tattoo.

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Cleanse your skin: No matter where it is that you’re applying makeup, for best results you must start with a clean base. Use a daily cleanser on the area over your tattoo for a fresh start.

Pat on concealer: Using a heavy coverage cream concealer, dabbing it onto your tattoo with a makeup sponge. The concealer should be a few shades lighter than your skin tone, and remember to pat the concealer into your skin for maximum coverage, rather than rubbing it in which will just move the product around. While your tattoo should be camouflaged at this point, don’t worry if it’s not completely covered yet.

Apply a tattoo makeup: After your concealer has dried, it’s time to apply tattoo cover up, like Dermablend Cover Creme. Apply a thin layer, then let it dry before applying more. Build the coverage up to however much you need to conceal the tattoo.

Set with powder: Once you’ve allowed the foundation to set, it’s time to take things one step further with a translucent powder. While you shouldn’t need any additional coverage at this point, applying a translucent setting powder with a big fluffy brush will help keep the makeup in place, while also reducing any shine so it looks more like natural skin.

Finish off with hairspray: While it might sound crazy, trust us on this one. After you’re all done packing on the makeup, spritzing a light hairspray over the area will seal the deal. Not only will this further set the makeup, but it will also prevent it from rubbing off onto clothes throughout the day, too.