Fake It Until You Make It: No More Chipped Manicures

Augusta Falletta
nail art and mouth up close


When you can’t remember the last time your naked nails saw the light of day, you know you’re addicted to nail polish. Whether you’re a DIY kind of girl or you have a standing weekly appointment at the nail salon, your nails are important to you. Considering the whole point of a manicure is making your nails look good so that you feel good, nothing ruins a mani mood like a chip.

Not quite ready to remove all traces of your current polish despite the chip? Don’t worry, there are ways to fake a fresh manicure. Below are four surefire ways to make it look like the chip never happened.

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Accent Nails: Covering over one chip with some ombre doesn’t have to be limited to just the one nail. Match that nail on the opposite hand, or go for painting every other nail on both hands if you want to have a little more fun with the “new” manicure. Remember to finish it off with top coat!

Clip your nails: When all of the edges of your nails are getting chipped, long nails may be the culprit. Use a nail clipper to shorten down your nails, then gently paint the fresh free edge with the polish color.

Appliqués: Have a cute pyramid stud or floral sticker you’ve been wanting to try out? If the chip is by the cuticle rather than the tip of the nail, put a bit of glue on the appliqué and stick it right over the spot.

Fill in, then glitter: For a large chip, spot-fill the area with the polish you used, then cover over the entire nail with a nice glitter polish. Match the same nail on the opposite hand, or simply paint all of your nails with a glitter top coat for some fun.