How to Hide Your Allergy Symptoms With Makeup

Leah Faye Cooper
allergy makeup

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Your eyes are watering, your face is puffy, and your nose is a shade a red that no one’s nose should ever be. You have allergies. You also have things to do, people to see and places to go, so you need those symptoms hidden, pronto. Celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg can relate. A lifelong allergy sufferer, the beauty guru teamed up with Zyrtec three years ago to help the masses combat what the pharmaceutical brand dubbed “allergy face”—the result of the aforementioned symptoms wrecking havoc on your appearance. This year, Greenberg and Zyrtec collaborated with Gilt on an Allergy Face Beauty Bag ($19, filled with Greenberg’s go-to Neutrogena products, which you can score for free through May 30 with the purchase of an item from the site’s Beauty in Bloom sale. “The whole reason I got into makeup was to help women feel better about themselves,” Greenberg shared at the collaboration’s recent launch event in New York City, “So this is all about finding solutions so you can walk out the door feeling put together and looking good.” The makeup artist, who regularly works with Jordana Brewster, Rashida Jones, and others, also shared tips on how to cover allergies with makeup. Here’s her expert advice.

What are your tips for dealing with watery eyes?
Jamie Greenberg: One is to use disposable mascara wands because allergens get on everything, especially when spring arrives and your windows are open. I also suggests wearing waterproof mascara. If you’re not a fan of it because it dries your lashes, use a regular mascara first and then apply a waterproof one as a top coat. That way it’s not going directly on your lashes, but it’s still sealing everything in so your mascara doesn’t run. I also like waterproof eyeliner and a smudged eyeliner look—even if you’re eyes get watery it still look pretty organic. Some of my favorite eye products right now are the Fiona Stiles Ultra-Smooth Waterproof Eye Defining Pencil ($16, and the Rimmel London ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Eye Liner ($4,

What about puffiness? 
You can mask puffiness with contouring. An easy trick is to make a fish face so the hollows of your cheeks are really prominent, then taking a cream or powder and applying it to your cheekbones. I also recommend putting a little bit underneath your chin, because that’s an area that can get a little puffy too. I love the Stila Convertible Color Compact ($25, and the Tata Harper Contour and Highlight Kit ($77,

How do you combat redness? 
It’s all about color correcting, so using a green to cancel out the red or a finely-milled creamy concealer that will ease into your skin. One of my favorite color correctors right now is by a brand called Color Science. It’s a mineral base so it’s a powder, which sounds a little bit scary, but it’s really easy to use and it comes in a palette of five colors.

Any tips for keeping makeup in place if you tend to touch your face a lot during allergy season? 
I love setting sprays. Right now I’m into the Skindinavia Makeup Artist Kit ($50, It includes a primer and a setting spray, and your makeup doesn’t move at all when you spritz them on.

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